They Are Visiting An Empty House With Their Angry Dad. And Then? Grab The Tissues!

No matter how hard and strong you are, everyone has a melting point. Charles Green, the person behind the popular YouTube channel “Angry Grandpa”, described as rough n tough, but deep down inside, he’s really just a big softie!

Recently when his son pulled off the sweetest surprise on him, he turned all soft just like a big pile of mush.

According to Green’s son Michael, “For the past few months, Bridgette and I have been planning a huge prank on Angry Grandpa and today’s the day we’re going to pull it off.” He also adds, “We’ve been taking my dad house hunting with us under the pretenses that he’s looking for a house for me and Bridgette. The only problem is, he’s been looking for his own house.”

Here is the touching video, which has more that 6.7 million views.

Credit: TheAngryGrandpaShow

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