Your Jaw Will Drop When You Figured Out The True Nature Of These Photos… Whoa!

We all know that body is a work of art and these photos are perfect example of artistic skills. It might strike you later, but every single one of these photos have people in it… you just need to look very closely.

Painting a cool portrait is one thing, but converting this skill to paint a body is totally different thing. U.K. based concept body artist Emma Fay using her body painting skills on the living, breathing human form to create some impressive and unique works of art. She takes this art to the whole new level that might surprise you a lot.

#01. Giraffe


#02. Mandrill

Body Painting Art - Mandrill

#03. Tarantula


#04. Zebra


#05. Crab

Body Painting Art - Crab

#06. Seahorse


#07. Dragonfly


#08. Honey Bee

Honey Bee

#09. Colorful Elephant

Body Painting Art - Colorful Elephant

#10. Desert Landscape

Desert Landscape

#11. Bull


#12. Mug and Cupcake

Mug and Cupcake

#13. Tiger


#14. Teacup

Body Painting Art - Teacup

#15. Teapot


#16. Octopus


#17. Aborigine Sculpture

Body Painting Art - Aborigine Sculpture

#18. Spooky Skeleton Apple Tree

Spooky Skeleton Apple Tree

#19. Great Wall of China

Great Wall of China

#20. St. Basil’s Cathedral

Body Painting Art - St. Basil's Cathedral

Credit: Emma Fay

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