If You Think It’s A Catfish At The End Of Fishing Line, You’re Bigger Fool Than Me!

When an experienced fishermen, explorer, and a dad going out on his paddle boat with his wife and a young child, he was probably had high hopes of catching some good big catfish or two.

He was paddling up the boat and grabbing floating noodle in Lake Fausse Point State Park in Louisiana, thinking that it’s his lucky catch, but what he found instead is rather shocking.

It’s clearly very easy to get confused with catfish teeth, but when he realize it’s not what’s he was expecting, not even a fish, he quickly gets his family away from the line as soon as he can. At the end when he replays the situation in slow motion and you get a glimpse of those teeth, you’ll know exactly why his young child started to cry. Anyone would be crying, especially me too.

Credit: Lance Burgos

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