These People Are So Lucky To Be Alive. This Close Call Footage Will Make Your Stomach Drop!

This is the breathtaking footage of the big crash happened at the Italian Jolly rally race where a racing car flies into spectator area. Luckily no one from the spectators got injured. However, both the driver in the racing car got multiple injury and admitted to the hospital.

Imagine you are in tedium of waiting for the next car, while slowly hearing the growling engine coming in the distance, the adrenaline starts coming, you see nothing, and suddenly, seemingly out of nowhere a 700 horsepower beast comes screeching sideways into your vision, points itself directly at you, and charges like a bull. In a matter of seconds a hurricane of noise, gleaming paint and smoking tires erupts inches away from you.

They sit that close because it’s exhilarating, and 99.99% of all people who sit there are never hurt. I’m surprised to see, what a luck these people are having who had survived this horrible close call accident.

Credit: MF my video

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