39 Photos Of Crazy People With Death Wish. #14 Made My Palms Sweat.

If looking down from the edge of a cliff or a high-rise building gives you a little thrill in the depths of your heart, then here’s the post that will make your heart skip a beat!

I don’t know what is the point of climbing a tall building. Clearly it never did anything for me. But some crazy people get a kick when they get super high, they are completely invincible.

If you like high heights, then this post is for you. I’m quite blown by photo #14, it made my stomach drop and made my palms sweat. Keep enjoy and let me know which photo gives you the most thrill and leave you breathless.


Hanging with a Rock
Gordon Wiltsie25


Glacier boarding on the Edge
Source: Unknown


Old Railway Track
Isaac Gautschi


Creative Photo shoot
Jordan Matters


Extreme skiing at Grand Targhee, Wyoming


Ice climbing a frozen waterfall
Keith Ladzinski


Aerobics on Trolltunga rock in Norway
Alex Emanuel Koch


Rock Climbing
Greg Sims


Keep Hanging
Mustang Wanted


Swinging at the end of the world


British climber John Roberts in South Africa
Solent News/Rex/Rex USA


On a rock
Ronny Randen


Eskil Rønningsbakken in Norway
Eskil Rønningsbakken


Kirill Oreshkin Selfie
Kirill Oreshkin


Diving from the top
Romina Amato


Sceary Pathway


Christian Pondella on Ice
Christian Pondella


Blake Aldridge 29 meters dive from a rock monolith in Portugal


Passing a tool
Michael Nichols


Extreme kayaking at Victoria Falls
Desre Tate


Alex Honnold at Yosemite
Alex Honnold


Sitting on the Trolltunga rock in Norway
Source: Unknown


Creative paragliding
SHAMS/BARCROFT MEDIA/Barcroft Media/Landov


Hans Rey and Steve Peat riding bikes on mountain
Hans Rey and Steve Peat


Finding a way on building wall
Roof Topper


Crazy ice skiing
Dan Carr


Riding on the huge wall
Andreas Resch


Getting creative on rope
Jared Alden


On the Edgewalk in Toronto


Riding on the rope
Brian Mosbaugh


Hanging on the wall
Corey Rich


Horrible Jump


Smoking river rafting
Lucas Gilman


Climbing on a infinite rope


Jumping from the mountain
Krystle Wright


Jumping on the Trolltunga rock in Norway


Skywalking in the Alps


Scary hanging
Natasha Sadovskaya


Walking on a Bar
Mustang Wanted

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