He’s About To PROPOSE His Girlfriend. What Happens Next? PRICELESS!

He’s madly in love with his girlfriend, and apparently, he recently discovered his girlfriend was cheating on him. He spent three weeks plotting how he was going to dump his cheating girlfriend. You’ll probably be surprised to see what will three weeks of plotting get you?

This video shows a guy who discovers his soon-to-be fiancée is cheating. Discovers her dirty texts and photos. He sets up elaborate proposal including candles, glitter, and rose petals. Has her read a rhyming poem that ends with him asking who the other guy is. She looks up shocked, he bails without a word, and gets into his car like a boss and drives off planning for party.

It’s a bit long video, but we recommend you all to watch the entire thing. It’s so satisfying and totally worth it. It’ll be a quick 16 minutes.

Credit: beanyneilpudsey

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