This Cat Doesn’t Give A Damn About You! Or What You Say!

Cats can be jerk sometimes, but there’s something oddly amusing about them. We know they’re little bullies, yet we accept it and still love these funny furballs all the same.

If you has a cat as a pet, then you must know how irritation sometimes having them around, and here’s the perfect example of that. This bossy cat refuses to listen to her owner and showing off that she doesn’t give a damn about her owner.

When this cat started throwing thing off the table, her owner shouts, “No!” the cat pauses for a second and makes an evil face at the camera like, “Oh, you don’t want me to knock this over?” As expected, after a brief pause, the cat subsequently shoves the glass right off the table and shows her evil spirit. The glass is heard shattering on the ground as the funny cat stands stoically, clearly proud of defying authority.

Credit: Jennifer Morales

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