Girl Cuts In Front Of Guy In Line. She Gets What She Deserves!

This might be the perfect example why our parents taught us that don’t be unfair to others else karma gets you.

This girl, out of nowhere, cuts in front of guy in line. What happens next is pure karma retaliation. So always remember- Karma will eventually punish those who have wronged us.

This was just a spur of the moment pick because the girl cut. It’s not like these guys are professionals. The girls wallet is in an easily accessible place in plain view, so they took advantage of an easy target. The guy’s cough is more of a hey lady WTF (he is already blocking any view from behind), then they notice here wallet. You are reading way more into this, they weren’t even really trying to hide what they were doing.

Credit: Spike Critchley

Some things are better seen than explained. The video you see above is one of them. So SHARE it with others.

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