Her Response After She Got Yelled At For Throwing Stones At A House Will Leave You SpeechLess.

A little girl got yelled by the neighbor when she was throwing rocks at her neighbors’’ door this past weekend. They told her off thinking she’ll not do it again. The next day they received an apology letter with some gifts inside from the little girl which melt my heart.

A redditor “pink_vicky” (the neighbor) posted this on Reddit. He also attached a photo of that latter. After that, he sends a reply back through the hole in the fence next morning, saying they accepted her apology and thanked her for the gifts.

Here is the copy of that heartwarming apology letter.

Little girl's apology latter!

It’s a good thing that her neighbor are not the type of person to take advantage of this guilt and get her to take the dog for walks, wash the car, mow the lawns etc.

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