12 Skills You Have to Test When Hiring a Professional Writer

We all love working with people who have a laudable amount of experience to support their skills and efficiency. This is because they have mastered over the years the art of getting credible solutions to challenges within their professional scope. Working with them makes our own task easier and more efficient.

Employers are always seeking to hire professional writers for content writing jobs. And this can be a bit challenging if every candidate that submits his resume claims to be professional with certain years of experience. In this case, employers often use certain criteria to determine those who are truly what the company needs and employ them. We would look at those criteria in the next segment.

Various skills to be confirmed:

1. Research skills

Research skills

How keen is the person when it comes to finding relevant information? When consumers navigate to customwriting.com, can they rest assured that the person from this service would look for every possible information to meet their order request? Strong research skills are a favourable trait to look out for in self-claiming professionals.

2. Focus

Trust us, it’ quite easy getting distracted in the writing line of work. We are referring to not only distraction from work but even in the course of writing. There is always a subtle tendency to deviate from the main point. A professional has disciplined himself to a point where he can focus on one task for as long as needed without getting distracted.

3. Using SEO

As an article writer, you must be familiar with the power of SEO and how to make your work visible among search engine results. This is achieved via the use of specific keywords that are easily identified and picked by any search engine. Always test your writers in using SEO to avoid articles that won’t get noticed.

4. Editing prowess

A professional must be able to edit and proofread not only his work but that of others as well. How does he handle writing errors? How does he correct them? Does he feel obligated not to edit? These are questions to be asked during the interview. This helps employers to get a glimpse of who they are employing.

5. Time-consciousness

This is an essential component for hiring writer standards. How good is the person with deadlines? Sometimes the candidates might hold back a bit. Hence, their former place of work is contacted for more information. But you are generally expected to meet up deadlines as a professional.

6. Honesty

Does the candidate charge ‘hidden charges’ to get extra profit? Can he/she be trusted? Does he promise to keep up and ends up delivering substandard work? Is the person telling the truth about his qualifications? Important questions as these should be checked on.

7. Vocabulary command

Vocabulary command

You would expect that a professional would have a very good command of English, one suitable for content writing. But that is far from the case most days. Thanks to English proficiency exams, employers can always confirm this skill.

8. Knowledge of one’s field

Most writers tend to write articles related to one field. How competent are they in their own field? This is essential for the employer’s knowledge. It helps them to pair writers up with clients based on their expertise and nature of a person’s order.

9. Formatting skills

Some academic writings need more than commas and full stops. They need a certain format, font or size to be acceptable by lecturers in the university, for example. How versatile is the candidate with writing styles? What about referencing? Can the candidate deal with different referencing styles when needed? All these should be checked out.

10. Team spirit

Can this person work with others? No employer would want to get a professional that will ruin the collective team harmony within the organization. Ability to work with people on a task is a wonderful skill in itself. Employers should have this skill checked out for every candidate.

11. Taking initiative

Taking initiative

This is one of the best skills to have. When you work with a writer that doesn’t sit on the couch waiting on instructions but takes the initiative and thinks outside the box, you have a very valuable worker who should be treasured and well-taken care of.

12. Working with software

How handy is the person with Microsoft, PowerPoint and other apps that are crucial for making your writing work? Does he/she handle them with ease or does the person freak out when he/she is faced with an Excel sheet? Knowledge of these things is always a big plus.

Hiring writers is a hard task for many employers. With the tips mentioned above, we believe it would ease the burden that comes with choosing the best and maintaining your company’s standards.

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