Watch People’s Reaction When This Little Girl Was Being Cruelly Bullied.

One way or another, it happened with each one of us. Bullying is very common in our culture. Bullying has become a national crisis in recent years, and the consequences are heartbreaking.

To spread awareness, there have been many social media campaigns targeted at bullies and encouraging people to be kind to one another. This video takes a closer look at public reaction to bullying, after strangers are put near a situation where a young girl is being victimized.

The reactions of these strangers are priceless and send a powerful message to those who encourage bullying. It’s really important to see how just a little care and concern goes a long way — they will also bring tears to your eyes.

Credit: Bullying PSA

This video serves up such an important message. Please SHARE it with your friends and help it reach to as many people as possible.

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