4 Things to Consider Before Hitting The Gym

Getting into a gym routine can be difficult. It’s hard to put yourself out of your comfort zone and challenge yourself to be healthier.

We’ve put together these four tips to help you get off the couch and into the gym – and make you want to keep going.

1. Feel Comfortable

Feel Comfortable

Ultimately, going to the gym is all about getting healthy and feeling better. So if you feel uncomfortable while you’re there, it defeats the whole point!

Find yourself some gym clothes that you feel really good in. They don’t have to be what’s trendy, they just have to be perfect for you. If an old baggy T-shirt makes you feel comfortable, then go for it, you don’t have to buy expensive athletic wear.

It’s important that you feel comfortable in your body too – I’m talking aches and pains here! If you have pre-existing conditions like joint pain, you might need to consider supports, or knee sleeves – amazon.

If you suffer from sore joints, it’s going to be even more important that you stretch before and after going to the gym but this is important regardless of your physical state! Going to the gym won’t be pleasant if you feel great while you’re there but are in pieces for several days afterwards.

2. Personalise Your Routine

Going to the gym should be a personal experience, not something just to measure up to everyone else. Make it yours and you’ll enjoy it a lot more. To start with, go into your new gym routine with no expectations. Don’t compare what you’re doing to others, since they’re all on their own journey just like you.

Do the exercises and routines that you enjoy – not the ones that you see everyone around you doing! If you want to push it with cardio, you do that. If weights are your thing, then go for it.

You could even consider hiring a personal trainer for a couple of sessions to help set up a unique routine suited exactly to what you’re hoping to achieve.

3. Minimise Distractions

Minimise Distractions

Working out isn’t everyone’s favourite thing. It can be a lot more attractive to see what your friends are up to on Instagram. A lot easier, too! So do yourself a favour and put the phone down!

If possible, leave it in your locker or at home, so you can’t be tempted to check your social media. If this isn’t possible, then just put it on silent or on airplane mods – anything to get your mind off your notifications!

Other ways you can minimise getting distracting at the gym could be going at off-peak times. This way you get on all the machines you want, without having to kill time in between or change your workout plan. This is also easier if you take the time before going to the gym to decide what you want to do that day.

Finally, ask for help when you need it! Rather than standing around, worried about doing something wrong and not actually working out like you planned, just ask a member of staff for help – it’s what they’re there for!

4. Create the Habit

Visiting the gym is an essential jigsaw to our overall health. That’s why it’s beneficial to take the time to build the habit, rather than pushing yourself too hard too quickly and putting yourself off.

Start small with your workout routine and then build it over time. You can track your progress with fitness apps, which will motivate you even further to keep going!

However, it’s important to remember that you won’t be motivated to go to the gym all the time. And that’s allowed! Make yourself a pumped-up playlist which will get you moving and make you want to work out. Also ensure that you’ve given yourself recovery days throughout the week, so that you don’t hurt yourself or put yourself through too much.

Finally, remember that the gym is only one part of a healthy lifestyle. Everything else you do during the day plays a part in your health. Make sure that you’re enjoying a healthy diet; drinking between 6-8 glasses of water a day; and getting around 8 hours of sleep a night – your body will thank you for it!

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