This Is The Most Thrilling Paragliding You’ve Ever Seen. My Breath Stopped At 0:53!

You must have seen many paragliding videos, but none of them came closer to this. I’ve never seen such a thrilling paragliding ever as it looked like the jumper was going to hit the mountain a few times.

This is what one Redditor explained: “This is called Speed Flying. He is using a very similar wing to a paraglider, but much smaller. A typical paraglider wing may be around 30 square meters in size, and a speed flying wing can be around 8 square meters.

Specifically he is proximity flying on a speed wing, as he is skimming the terrain and the maneuver before he flies through the buildings is called a wing over.”

Here is the thrilling paragliding video.

Credit: Derek Dutton, H/T: reddit

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