Alternative Housing Options: Should You Invest In Them?

The real estate market has experienced major changes over the last several years. Many housing trends have come and gone depending on the needs of home seekers. Yet, it seems that we have reached the moment when home seekers are looking for minimalist, eco-friendly, and stylish housing options. But, most importantly, as the real estate prices have boomed and reached enormous numbers over the last few years in cities like Vancouver, BC, today’s home seekers are looking for cheap housing alternatives.

So, what types of homes are Millennial home seekers really looking for these days? Here are six alternative housing options new real estate investors should shift their focus on:

1. RV house

Ever dreamed about traveling around the world in an RV? Even if you are not sharing this dream, today’s Millennial home seekers are definitely sharing it. Living in an RV to save money and pay off debt before buying a home sounds a lot more attractive to younger home seekers than struggling to pay debt and to maintain a home.

For those who prefer to choose adventure instead of comfort and stability, RV houses are the best option. And, in today’s globalized world, the individuals from younger generations prefer traveling, be it for fun or to work abroad, instead of settling down before they decide to start a family. So, investing in this type of houses on wheels may be a great idea since they are one of the latest trends in the real estate landscape.

Alternative Housing Options

2. Shipping container house

Homes made out of steel shipping containers are a new low-cost and eco-friendly alternative housing options that are gaining momentum among Millennials. Shipping containers can be found in numerous sizes, they are very cheap, and can accommodate any project, including building a home out of it. While years ago, shipping containers where only used to transport goods safety across both land and sea, these days they can make cost-effective homes too.

Why are shipping container homes so popular and worth investing in? The main reasons are the fact that they are easy and cheap to build and somehow gentler on the environment than cement or brick-and-mortar constructions. Moreover, shipping container homes also promote a minimalist design that encourages homeowners to only add home features, decorations, objects, and furniture that are really essential.

Also, depending on the home seeker’s needs, it doesn’t have to be just a single bedroom house. More trailers can be attached to one another resulting in a bigger home that can host even larger families while still costing a lot less than a traditional house would.

3. Pallets house

The DIY online community is simply in love with this one. Pallet houses are inexpensive, easy to build, and have become a new stylish trend in the housing market. It seems that a permanent structure of a pallet home can be built by a team of five workers in not more than a week using only 100 pallets. Moreover, pallets can also be used to build furniture such as seating, tables, beds, storage spaces, and many other home additions that can improve the overall home environment such as planters.

The so-called easy-to-assemble homes are particularly popular among people with poorer financial possibilities and among environmentally-friendly home seekers who support recycling waste. If you are the type of real estate investor that wants to help put a roof above anyone’s head, this type of alternative housing option is a great choice to invest in.

4. Mobile home

Who says that you absolutely have to settle down in one place and never leave? Well, it was a trend decades ago, but in today’s globalized world, people travel and move all the time for a number of reasons. In fact, an estimated number of 20 million Americans live in mobile homes and are especially popular in rural areas and southern states like Florida. So it comes as no surprise that mobile home insurance in Florida is becoming more readily available.

In the last several years, there has been a dramatic increase in popularity of mobile homes not only because they are a cost-effective housing alternative but they are also a lot easier to maintain than the traditional homes.

Plus, they bring homeowners many other advantages, such as the ability to own the home outright without a mortgage.

5. Tiny house

Despite the wrong idea that the larger the house, the better and more stylish it looks like, tiny homes prove the contrary. Large spaces don’t necessarily make a better home. Especially for homeowners who appreciate the minimalism lifestyle.

Tiny houses can be built using many types of materials such as bricks, stone, wood and many more. But, the main advantage of tiny homes is the fact that the costs of materials are drastically reduced. Tiny houses are also very easy to decorate which is why they have also become such a huge Instagram trend which has contributed to their popularity. Yet, these homes are not for those guilty of overbuying things they don’t actually need. They are meant to be the perfect homes for those who enjoy living a minimalist lifestyle. So, if you are planning to invest in tiny homes, this should be your target audience.

6. Free Spirit Spheres

Anyone who used to have a treehouse when they were little would love a free spirit sphere home. Free spirit sphere homes are the ultimate tree houses for those who want to feel closer to nature. And, in today’s world, when consumers become more environmentally-friendly than ever before, it won’t be difficult to find home seekers who would love to live in this type of housing option.

However, the free spirit spheres aren’t exactly the right choice for an entire family to live in. yet, they are perfect homes for a single person or for couples to have as their first home. Although the spherical living compartment may be a little more challenging for homeowners, they make delightful futuristic homes that will certainly attract younger home seekers.

That being said, you should certainly invest in these 6 alternative housing options because they seem to be advantageous not only for you but also for today’s home seekers. While they are easy and cheap to build for you, they are also practical and cheap to maintain for homeowners making them popular among today’s busy, eco-friendly, and free-spirited home seekers.

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