5 Best Exercises You Can Do Without a Gym to Lose Weight

As to check the originality and stability of your work, you use the plagiarism checker free app. In the same way to check the stability of your weight we use weight machines. And if the weight machine shows the signs of overweight then we found it must shed the extra pounds.

We have developed a myth that without going to the gym, we can’t lose weight. But the myth is really wrong, guys. Some of the exercises which you can perform at home are very effective to lose weight at home. These exercises are found to be very effective in cutting off the extra fat.

Let me give you detail about a few effective exercises:

High Knees:

High Knees

High knees are a very effective exercise for weight loss. If you perform 4 sets of 50 high knees per day with short breaks of 30 seconds or 1 minute after each, this will really help you to cut off your weight. Performing high knees raises your heart rate. The accelerated heartbeat starts helping you burning calories.

Abs Stretch:

Abs stretching is an effectual workout for weight loss. In this workout, you have to stretch your abs by laying down flat. The stretching will help to flatten your abs muscles. At least perform 4 sets of 8-10 abs stretching exercise.


Planks are also another amazing exercise to reduce your belly fat. In planks, when you lay down straight on your elbows, your abs will get a great stretch the stretching of the abs muscles start burning your fat. 1-minute plank with 4 sets each after an interval of 30 seconds will help you to lose your weight.

Bunny Hop:

A bunny hop is a very interesting and fun exercise. But you will be astonished by the wonders this exercise does. In this exercise you have to jump like a bunny. When you bend to jump like a bunny it will pull your muscles that give mobility to your fat, and you start burning fat.

Legs Pull Exercise:

This exercise is among the toughest exercises. In this exercise, you have to lay down straight with one leg pulled half above. If you do not feel comfortable while doing this workout as a beginner, then place on leg on the wall at a little height. Then slowly start rise above touch your thigh, knee and then your ankle. Then slowly move back to your position. At least perform 3 sets with 7-8 attempts.

Jumping Jacks:

Jumping Jacks

Jumping jacks is another effective workout to lose weight. It is easy to perform. You should perform at least 5 sets of this exercise with 50 attempts.

If you start following the above workouts you will definitely get results. But before performing the above workouts you should keep some things in mind:

  • You should warm-up before starting the workout
  • You should do a little stretch before the workout
  • You should take little breaks between your workouts

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