Cats Are Afraid Of Cucumbers… Here’s The Funny Proof!

Cats are very sneaky pet. No one knows for sure what they will do next. When it comes to your personal space, cats don’t really give a damn whether or not you’re uncomfortable, but when it goes for their own personal space, they are a complete mystery. Not entirely sure what’s the correct reason, but cats seem to be scared of cucumbers. Maybe it’s the shape or color that really terrifies cats, or they had no ideas what to do when confronted by something that’s green and so long.

In the video below, you’ll see cats from all over the world reacting the same exact way when they spot a cucumber nearby. Maybe it’s simply a universal truth that must be acknowledged that Cats are really scared of cucumbers. Their reaction to cucumbers are hilarious, and after seeing them you might even want to try this trick on your own cat.

Credit: Mr Funny Mals

Have you seen cats ruining Christmas?

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