He Wants To Cancel His Comcast Services, What Customer Support Did Is Shocking!

This man called Comcast to cancel his Comcast service on the weekday and he was transferred to the “retention” department for further process. Customer support put him on hold for 3 hours until they closed. To me, it looks like the employee just leave the phone on and leave.

A Redditor “h3lvtca” that is also the coworker of the man in the video posted this on Reddit.

Here is the back-story written by the man in the video:

“I’d spent from the 21st of July to August 10th attempting to get service correctly set up in my new apartment. across at minimum 3 separate scheduled service calls which all resulted in no call, no note, no shows by the dispatch technicians. One of the appointments had been rescheduled without my consultation or approval. I was repeatedly assured I did not need to be home for service, to which I politely reminded them I lived behind a locked gate they could not open.

I’d also been assured so many times that their service department was 24/7. No distinction or clarification was ever made by anyone that their “retention” department closed at any time.

At this point I was out of my mind furious. The headphones I was wearing were wireless to the first phone. To Dorkamundo’s point, I obviously did not sit still for 3 hours. I reconstructed my desk after RCN had installed service within 24 hours of calling where comcast had not, took my dog out for walks, did other things in the mean time. thats the beauty of a headset.

The reason I sat on hold was I was tired of their poor customer service and was not giving them any excuse to continue to charge me. If I’m going to put on hold with a department that is not 24/7 their automated system should notify and disconnect me at some point just like so many other service centers.

Up until this point I had always been of the “they’re not so bad,” ilk as I had always done self installs and never used their proprietary DNS servers (where the bulk of my issues ever came from). I was pissed enough that they throttle netlfix, youtube, etc as it has been proven by so many tech columnists; but otherwise fairly satisfied with the service. I now have have the same connection speeds for very literally almost half the price and was set up within 24 hours of request by RCN. Said request submitted while on hold with comcast the day prior to this video.

I don’t want to do anything rash to comcast, I will simply never use their services again. Honestly I don’t know why I stayed with them for the 3+ years I had been with them other than poor research on my part. To their credit, apart from the hold fiasco (of which I fully realize I’m not the first or last to have this happened to) the phone support were polite, courteous, and helpful to the extent they are allowed to be. It was the repeated failure of dispatched technicians that did it in for me. I work in the tech industry so I get how it is to be yelled at all day by people that just want to be helped. I don’t like to treat anyone that way, especially at a call center which is so easily dehumanized.”

Credit: Aaron Spain, H/T: Reddit

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