No Wonder Why Local Cab Companies Getting Out Of Business. Watch This, It’s Shocking!

Since when Uber came to business, local cab companies getting less and less customers, and after watching this video, no wonder why it’s happening.

This video shows how Uber driver and passengers were threatened by Ottawa taxi driver and verbally uttered to kill and fight them. It’s really shameful, instead of competing the fair competition, local taxi driver came down to this low that they have to act like hooligans and scare passengers to get their business back on track.

Just to spare some facts why Uber is so popular: before Uber came to business, most of the taxi companies had no app for passengers, Taxis often overcharge you by not turning on the meter to force you to pay extra, also it would take 10-20 minutes to get to the taxi stand and you had to wait on hold for like 10-15 more minutes to get a taxi.

Now it’s up to you, who would you prefer to be driving you? The taxi driver in the video or the Uber guy in the video. Let us know in comments.

Credit: LlVE VlDEOS

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