How to Boost Sales with Custom Writing Services

The days of good old cold-calling and telemarketing are still not completely behind us. But businesses that want to increase their sales through targeted marketing activities have other tools at their disposal. Tools that are not nearly as intrusive as calling someone, out of the blue, and trying to push products or services onto them.

These tools take into account the reasons why modern shoppers like to shop online. They utilize insights delivered from large sets of data to adjust themselves to specific customers. They are always available online. They can be incredibly versatile. And content marketing stands out among these tools as one of the most effective when it comes to boosting sales.

Boost Sales with Custom Writing Services

What Makes Content Marketing So Great?

Content marketing is indispensable in the digital marketing landscape. If there’s one thing most digital marketers could agree on, it would probably be the fact that, right now, ‘content marketing’ are the two hottest words in the industry. And it’s not just because they sound buzzworthy.

When a business creates a single piece of content, let’s say an article, that piece of content stays online even when the business isn’t working. It’s there, 24/7, trying to engage the customers. The same piece of content signals to search engines the quality of the website. If the content is well-written and properly optimized, it will boost the website’s visibility on search engines.

And then, there are all the things you can do with the written word. Different types of content excel at different types of tasks. Some can persuade, inform, or entertain. Others can increase reach when shared on social media. But most importantly, a good piece of content will always work an angle that helps boost sales, even if it does it indirectly.

How Does Content Boost Sales?

Content can improve sales in several different ways. It would be hard to point out which of them is more important than the others. At their best, they all complement one another and converge to deliver calculable results.

Content increases the visibility of online assets and it attracts traffic. Website traffic might be a metric that doesn’t mean much on its own, but it’s a metric that presents a starting point for calculating many other important metrics. Traffic matters because without it, a website would be a useless asset.

What content does best is help people decide to use a product or a service. It is possible to create and fine-tune content specifically for each of the steps of the customer journey. And at each step, the content can perform a specific function: it can attract, it can inform, it can affect purchase intent, and it can provide continuous value to help customer retention. Content is useful for both marketing and sales.

How Many Businesses Use Content Marketing?

If content is really that great for marketing and sales, then most businesses who use digital marketing should use it. And most of them do — roughly nine out of ten B2B businesses use content marketing, for example.

One big mistake small business do is to perform marketing strategist by their own, but you need to understand that it’s purely a work of experts, so instead of making your hand dirty, you should consider taking expert’s help by choosing marketing packages for small business.

But content marketing might still seem underappreciated when only a third of B2B businesses would say they are very committed to content marketing, or when roughly a half says their content teams are one-person operations or otherwise very small. So while content marketing is a valuable tool that can boost sales, and while businesses are using it, they aren’t doing it the way they should. And using a professional custom writing service can be a part of the solution to that problem.

The Necessities of Sales-Boosting Content

What does content need in order to contribute to sales? For one, it needs to have a place in an overall digital marketing strategy. That means each piece of content that’s produced needs to have its own place on the customer journey and its own purpose. Usually, the choice of distribution channels, formats, and accompanying materials in the form of visuals are all determined by the place and the purpose. More often than not, this also influences the type of content that ends up being produced.

If strategy is one of the major parts of the equation, the other one is execution. Businesses cannot afford to create and release subpar content. The reasons are plenty. The internet is full of content, and weak pieces will not do better than the strong ones. Poorly written content will never perform as well as good content would. People will not be persuaded by content that has weak arguments or spelling errors. The list goes on.

How Custom Writing Services Help

Outsourcing the production of sales-boosting content to a third-party content creator like a content writer service is a solution that could benefit any business. If nothing else, it would probably reduce the costs of content production.

For those businesses that employ small teams or a single person, for their content creation, custom writing services are a must. When using third-party services, it’s much easier for businesses to get exactly what they want. Service providers will usually have a wide pool of talent they can allocate to tasks that suit the type of writing that’s their specialty. This is very important because there’s no one type of content that magically boosts sales — content boosts sales exactly because it has many variations that allow it to be a part of the whole customer journey.

But the benefits of custom services don’t end there. It’s very possible that custom writing companies are able to work quicker on bulk orders, even if they entail writing completely different pieces of content. Integration into the workflow shouldn’t be a problem because businesses are concerned only with placing an order and collecting it.

So it all comes down to this: if done well, content and the written word are great at boosting sales. And to do it well, some businesses will need to procure custom writing services. Businesses don’t have to be publishers to excel at the content game, but their content creation process needs to be tight, their strategy needs to take account of content, and the quality needs to be good. Often enough, the best way to do it is to work with a custom writing service.

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