Are the Essay Writing Services Popular? Be Careful: Untrusted Essay Writing Service Can Be Near!

Online paper writing service is becoming increasingly common amid students, this is due to the fact that some students do not want to do it on their own, some do not have enough time and some simply do not understand the principle of fulfilling the academic task. Students prefer that someone does the work for them.

The student gets such advantages

The low cost of performing the accommodation (you will understand, with what it can be connected).

The student is promised professional writing and 100% uniqueness of the work, which is very important when passing his assignment to the professor. Such essays can serve as an example of how to carry out such a task in the future.

He saves the time and even proposes an urgent completing; it can be a simple and effective way out, is this really so?

Despite the fact that in the present day on the Internet there are many online writing services like, it is very difficult to choose a safe and legal one. Some of these services are scammers, they deliver not unique works that have already been used by someone or perform bad quality essays. How to distinguish these services and don’t fall for the scammer’s bait?

There are three main types of cheating you should be aware of:

  1. You will receive a bad quality text, the oversold text that was copied from the Internet.
  2. The current location of the online service will be countries that do not speak English.
  3. You will pay money, and you will not receive the text that you paid.

Unfortunately, some online services work in this way; there are a few simple checks that you must perform to guard yourself, your time and money from the ghostwriters.

Popular Essay Writing Services

How to Identify Scammers? Step-by-step Instruction

Students become victims of scammers who offer to perform an academic task. We want to tell you about some simple ways to identify scammers, having spent only an hour of researching the service, you will save yourself from the risk of being deceived. Are you ready to start?

Check the availability of real contacts on the site.

Check the site for e-mail availability. If the name of the email has nothing relative to the name of the online company, this should alert you.

Check if there is an office address, company registration number. The legal companies always indicate this information on their website. If there is an office address, find it on the Internet and verify whether it is displayed as the office of this service. Or does it not exist at all?

Analyze the contact phone. You can even call there; it will be able to explain much. For instance, a strange melody while waiting. Can you be redirected to another country? When an employee of the company responds to you, pay attention to his accent. Scammers buy local numbers and redirect them to another place of the world. They conduct their activities from a local pub entirely from another not English-speaking country.

Look for reviews on the Internet.

Now you need to look for reviews about this online service, do not rely on the reviews that are on their site. They are untruthful because it is very easy to do. The employee of the company makes new accounts and writes positive responses for their site. Search the reviews on the Internet, but here can be the same story. If you do not find a single response on the Internet about the activities of this company anywhere except on their website, this is very suspicious!

Check the age of the site.

Today there are many online tools with which you can check the age of the site; there you can find out whether the site domain has changed. When you managed to find out the age of the site, go to the online service website: is there an indication of how long this company is on the Internet market? Such info is indicated in the section “about us”. For instance: “We provide academic writing service for students more than 10 years” while your research showed that the site is only one-year-old. It’s strange enough, is not it?

Write in the support center and communicate with them about the guarantees of the return of funds and find out in what format the payment for work can be done.

Now let’s move on to the most important stage.

Contact support with the question of guarantees and conditions of return, you should be provided with full info, conditions. If you were not given a clear answer or unclearly explained, you should not trust, because the legal online services have a well-coordinated organizational process and information are clear. Discuss the terms of payment; insist on paying your order only after you become acquainted with it. The most legal companies operate on this principle and when filling out the order form, you should not be required a lot of data. That is if you are asked for a bank. account number, insurance, check and any other financial data, it’s scammers.

You need to know the company’s data: account number and bank name, you should not believe any excuses for this information. The company has no grounds to refuse to provide clients with this information.

Let’s analyze the availability of social networks and reviews in them.

Try to find this company on social networks, such as Facebook or Twitter; analyze the availability of feedback, who wrote them and whether they are real. You can write to the author of the comment, preferably not even one and learn about their experience of interacting with this company. Then you will have a clear understanding of whether you should contact this company. Note that if a couple of people tell you about the same thing, there is a risk that they were hired, if the comments are true, it is unlikely that they will be the same words.

Do not neglect what is written above, we try to help you avoid an unpleasant situation. At stake is much, do not risk your money, reputation, personal. information, time and grade – these are effective ways that will benefit you when choosing essay helper.

Forewarned is Forearmed: Do Not Hesitate the Advice Above

Now you are aware of what you need to do in order not to contact fraudsters. With our simple tips, you can distinguish legal online service from scammers, do not expose yourself to unnecessary risk. If you’ve ever faced such a deception, share it with the rest of the students. It is worth remembering that there are many good online services that do not deceive their customers, provide them with really high-quality service. What kind of company you choose depends on you, save your time, money and nerves with our advice!

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