Father Respond To His Daughter’s Vicious Bullies By Doing THIS! A Big Salute!

I’m SHOCKED of this video. But the more people who see this, the more chance this family has of being vindicated.

Racism is still a big problem among our communities. Bradley Knudson from Prior Lake Minnesota knows the impact of racism all too well. After his beautiful adoptive daughter, who is black, being bullied via Snapchat and the unbelievable response from the bully’s father, he speaks openly and honestly to the world.

Bradley’s daughter was on a night out with friends, when she started receiving racist rants from her classmates via Snapchat, a video messaging app.

“Not only was it bullying, but it was also racism. When they got the fourth message from these kids…my wife and I decided to take out my phone and videotape it as it was happening.” What follows is a disturbing video message full of hate, racial slurs and verbal abuse directed towards his daughter.

After this, Bradley failed to reaching the bullies’ parents to communicate with them, so he decided to show this to the world.

It’s parents duty to stop spreading such prejudice because kids can be so cruel. Clearly, the parents Bradley’s dealing with are the root of the problem. Bradley’s video got the attention of the media, and they starting to share this video, which is currently going viral. I think as many people as possible should see this.

Please note: this video contains extremely racist language.

Credit: Bradley Knudson

The more people who see this, the more chance this family gets the justice — so please SHARE this video on Facebook.

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