Dating and Communication: What App to Choose?

Do you agree with the opinion that every person can meet true love only once in a lifetime? But what if these two halves live in different parts of the world? Until a couple of decades ago, they didn’t even have a chance to meet. But now, thanks to the Internet and dating apps, everyone has a chance to meet new people, no matter where they live. If you dream of finding your true love online but don’t know how to do it — check out the list of apps below.

1. Forms Pairs Based on Their Favorite Restaurants

For those who are tired of arguing about which restaurant is best to choose for a first date, the Dine service is perfect, in which couples are formed based on their favorite restaurants, cafes, bars, and other similar establishments. At the same time, you can check whether the way to the heart of Russian brides is through the stomach.

Dating and Communication

2. For Intellectuals

This app is suitable for those who are attracted to exceptionally smart people and who consider themselves such. Sapio allows users to specify “sapiosexual” in the “orientation” column. It is worth noting that it is not so much about your IQ level, it is about common interests and the desire to start a meaningful conversation.

3. For the Elite

There is also an application in which millionaires, supermodels, celebrities, presidents of large companies, and other representatives of the elite are trying to find love. The service is called Luxy, and it positions itself as a Tinder for the rich. New users will be asked to choose their favorite brands such as Prada, Gucci, and Cartier. Your favorites are displayed at the bottom of the profile, so when you go shopping in search of a date outfit, you rely on the preferences of your companion.

4. App for Farmers

The Farmers Only service is ideal for those who prefer a simple provincial life to an urban one. There are a lot of farmers, breeders, students of agricultural specialties, and other similar personalities. According to the app, more than a hundred couples have found true love there and even got married.

Dating and Communication

5. For Dog Owners

Twindog application creates pairs of dogs and their owners based on their location. In fact, it’s not completely clear for whom this service is intended, for dogs or for people: while searching, you scroll through dozens of photos of cute dogs, but there is not a single word about their owners.

Bottom Line

A huge number of people use dating applications. How to choose those you want to meet in real life? First of all, give preference to those users whose profiles contain extensive information, whose appearance you like, and whose hobbies interest you.

Don’t judge too harshly — you still owe nothing to each other. Remember that all dates cannot be perfect, so don’t take them too seriously and don’t despair if you face the first failures. Remember that all people are different, and there are a lot of them on the Internet, but not all of them have the same goal as you: to find love.

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