Top 7 Tricks to Choose a Writing Service

The increase in the number of writing service makes choosing the right one more challenging. Each claims to be the best but their services are nowhere near that.

Before you buy a dissertation, there are several tricks you can use to check the quality of the writing service provider. You will be able to make the right decision, save time and funds. Below are seven must-know tricks to use.

1. Rely on reviews

Look for reviews about the company to have an idea of other people’s experience with them. You can read it on their website or visit other sites that talk about writing services. Reviews will help you determine if the company can deliver the quality you seek. So if there are too many negative ones, then avoid them because you might end up disappointed.

2. Request for sample/draft

It is called “draft” but can give you great insight on the quality of paper to expect. Ask for a short draft from the writing service provider before hiring. Though most of them require a little token, it is better because you will be able to measure their strength and prevent the disaster before it happens.

3. Check the quality of the writer

It is impossible to ascertain the quality of the writer physically, but you can from your interaction with him or her. Ask to know the qualification of the writer before hiring. It would be wrong to seek custom dissertation writing help on chemistry paper from an individual who has a degree in arts. Visit to check for an expert that can meet your needs.

4. Compare prices

You don’t have to break the bank to get quality dissertation or paper written. So if you are looking for good quality writing service, an affordable one should be the target. Most writing services charge an extra fee for plagiarism report and other services they render. But you can still find good quality providers that offer these services for free.

Besides the freebies, ensure that the quality of the paper is equal to the price. You can find out by asking for samples or a short draft.

5. Are revisions free of charge?

Some supervisors are just too difficult to please and expect students to give their best before letting them go. They can request multiple corrections that students have to effect before moving on to the next stage of their papers. Revisions can help shape the dissertation to meet the requirement of your instructor. And you can be asked to make certain corrections on each page you submit for approval. So, find out if the writing service you intend hiring can offer multiple revisions free of charge.

6. Ability to meet deadlines

There are good quality writing services providers online and there are time wasters. The latter is very easy to spot. They don’t respond on time and lack enough hands to work on projects. Find a company that can assign you a writer for the rest of the project. And be sure that they can meet deadlines and provide quality paper.

7. Find students who have hired them

You can learn a lot about the writing service you intend hiring from those who have used their services in the past. Ask questions online about them. If lucky, you can find people who will provide the answers you seek.


It is good to know how deep the water is before diving into it. So, use these simple tricks to find the right writing service provider that can give you quality papers to enhance your grade. The surge in companies offering such services is one of the reasons to be more careful. Hiring or making the wrong decision is something you can avoid using these simple tricks.

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