It’s Actually Illegal, But This Is What I Call A Perfect Execution.

Like any other city, finding a car parking spot on NY street is a very difficult. It gets more difficult if this is what happens with you.

A young man was forced from taking parking space after a selfish driver blocks him and gives it to family member.

Here is the event described by waiting driver who’ve been forced to lose the parking space:

While everyone is entitled to their own opinions, I wanted to clarify few things:

1. When I said that I was waiting for 30 minutes, that did not mean I was double parked for 30 minutes. In this area, the best strategy is to keep moving and checking other streets. Usually there is a spot within 15 minutes, which is not too bad for NYC. I happened to see a guy move towards Mazda during one of my “laps” around the area, so I stopped and waited for him to go. He never warned me about his family needing a parking spot. Instead he chose to lie to me by asking to ‘move so he can get out’.

2. This is a Jeep, for that one person that called it a minivan :D

I get to work early and wait about 30 minutes for a spot. I happen to have parked next to the only guy that was leaving around that time, so there was absolutely no parking options. This red Nissan (plate: FTJ5304) pulls in the front of me and in the most obnoxious way blocks me from moving forward. A guy that drives teal Mazda (plate: FWE8290) asks me to back down a bit so he can get out. I am parked next to the car behind his car, so I tell him that he has enough space to leave, but I am planning to take that spot.

What happens next shocked me, since I have never seen someone so rude. The guy guides red Nissan (plate: FTJ5304) all the way to my car. I am out of options at this point so I just watch what his plan will be. The guy in teal Mazda (plate: FWE8290) drives onto the sidewalk and goes perpendicular to the road. The rest is history.

I would like to note that from the very beginning I had not advanced forward or tried to steal anyone’s parking spot. Red Nissan (plate: FTJ5304)pulled in the front of my car and stole the spot.

Credit: Idiot Drivers

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