5 Careers That Are Future Proof

As long as you are in school the entire educational procedure is predetermined because we are bound to study few necessary subjects that tend to ensure the primary foundation. But when you are heading towards college life, you should be very careful as it is the time to make a reliable career plan. You need to come out of the comfort zone and think about what you are looking forward to in life. Hence before you decide on a career plan for yourself see whether the following 5 careers are suitable for you or not.

Cybersecurity Expert

While opting for a concrete career you must be aware of the widespread professions, so that you can get several options and enough space to work on. Cyber security courses online have been assisting students to turn into experts ensuring safety from cyber-attacks in almost all the industries. In recent times the term cyber-attack is quite common across the universe and the number of such heinous crimes is increasing every day. Hence, it is regardless to say that cyber-attack is a pretty sophisticated issue. The recruiters are therefore searching for people who are potent and strong enough to deal with such diverse scenarios and protect the system of their company. Thereby you can see the need for cybersecurity professionals is increasing rapidly. You will be surprised to know that in the Netherlands there are 61,600 people presently in this profession. And the cybersecurity segment has earned around 7.2 million euros which is quite high if compared to other sectors. Therefore you can always choose to set your career as a cybersecurity personnel but you also need to see whether you have the capability and right mindset for that.

Careers That Are Future Proof

Marketing and Communication

Jumping into anything without a strategic plan will lead you nowhere. Especially when it comes to the career you might face too many difficulties to select the right one. Therefore you need to study the market demand. And it is quite amusing that the market demand is the marketing skill itself. There are plenty of college students who have chosen marketing and communication as their careers because the marketing industry is growing with innovation and modernity. As we all know that due to artificial unemployment has increased but machines cannot be a perfect replacement in every sector. A machine cannot learn or work upon marketing skills as it is incapable of making innovative ideas. Besides the knowledge of media and social intelligence are considered to be the most searchable skills in present days. On the other hand, digital marketing is still underdeveloped in promising markets thereby the demand is high in this particular segment. Tutoring websites like Online php tutors help people to develop websites, which can help them to foster marketing and communication for companies working in different industries.

Human Resources

Before choosing any career you need to explore yourself a bit. Exploring your interest in the right direction is really important otherwise you might not enjoy your professional life. One of the common interests that have been seen amongst college students is in human resources. Presently there is tough competition going on between the international companies. Every single company is in search of the best candidates in human resources. The responsibility of HR is huge, as the data-driven HR strategy is anyway considered to be one of the reasons behind the success of the company. Hence it is regardless to say that it has a very important role to play as the future of the company depends on it. Recruitment for the HR post is therefore increasing massively. Nevertheless, if the student has the ability to combine his emotional intelligence with soft skills and software then he or she has a grand career scope in life.


When it comes to a career plan one might be solely willing to follow his dream. In present times a craze is seen amongst the youngsters to follow their respective passion and one of them is cooking. Besides they have great career opportunities in this field therefore plenty of students are into hotel management. Decades after decades people tend to enjoy eating outside. Often it is seen that the majority of people spend a large amount of money in restaurants enjoying several finger-licking dishes. Hence it can be said the majority of fool lovers is increasing day by day. Besides, there are people who do not get time to cook or simply do not like to. And due to such reasons, the food industry is earning in dollars. Thereby it is quite obvious that every famous restaurant will look for a creative chef for their respective restaurants. Besides this is a post that cannot be replaced by machines as a machine cannot understand the right combination of complex actions and creative intelligence.

Delivery or Logistics Management

As the present generation or the youngsters are quite technology-friendly you must have noticed that the various emerging technologies are basically the future of the logistics sector. But it is also worth mentioning that the entire system can never rely upon artificial intelligence and automation. The company will always need personnel to deal with the customer demands as it is impossible for a machine to understand and run the complex process of global delivery and logistics system. As people have limited time in their hands there is a craze amongst the consumers to buy almost everything over the online process. To be specific most of the people nowadays prefer to order food at home instead of visiting the restaurants. It has influenced the global logistic sector massively therefore the demand for delivery boys or drivers is increasing in a noticeable way. Websites like programming homework help have been assisting people to learn about different languages and business modules, which can help to come up with logistics management softwares.

With the above read of the journal, you must have understood how to proceed with the career plannings. It needs thorough research regarding the market demand. The above-mentioned professions are the ones that can never be replaced by automation and artificial intelligence. Hence it is indeed beneficial to opt for those. However, you still need to explore yourself a bit and research the profession that you intend to move ahead with. Do not forget selecting a random profession might result in frustration and disappointment and it is indeed evident that a satisfying profession comes with a peaceful life.

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