Herbal Or Medicine (Which Is Better?)

Good were the days when any ailment or difficulty could only be cured with herbs, or was it?

The development of modern medication brings us an unorthodox pedestal. Where it opens new horizons to cures and medicine, it also opens the doors to many side effects. But the question of choosing one over the other remains in debate since the first medical breakthrough.

Herbal Remedies

Starting with herbal remedies is only natural, for that is how pharmaceutical medicine’s journey began as well. And to get the basics in order, Herbs are plant extras (leaves, twigs, roots, fruit, etc.) with medicinal properties. They can be found everywhere around the world. And some common ones are named as peppermint, rosemary, and ginger.

Seemingly, herbal remedies appear to have it all. But to take a stand on it over pharmaceutical medicine, you first need to understand how it works.

There are many different compounds in herbs, some active and some dormant. Normally, all the different compounds have some medicinal benefits. Still, it is mostly just one—gingerol in ginger, menthol in peppermint, and Vitamin B-6 in rosemary.

Herbs are usually consumed by brewing as tea, smoked as dried leaves, and a paste made to apply on skin. And because of the many different compounds, a herb may benefit you in more ways than one, like cinnamon improves your blood sugar ratio. At the same time, it is also perfect for skincare.

Herbal remedies have been used by different cultures of the world for centuries. And that is nowhere near a change even today as many still do.

Pharmaceutical Medicine

There is barely a requirement for an introduction to pharmaceutical medicine, but here we go. Pharmaceutical medicine is acquired from plants and different elements after thorough research and testing.

It can be said to be the evolution of herbal remedies. Because once a plant or herb is studied and the active compounds are discovered that treat various ailments and illnesses, they are extracted and isolated to make medicine specific for one role.

Perhaps, this is why you will find pharmaceutical medicine advertised for a single purpose only—best medicine for hair fall, best medicine for weight loss, best medicine for anxiety, etc.

Despite all the hate from environmentalists, pharmaceutical medicine has taken cures a notch higher. Pharmaceutical medicine is effective, quick, and accurate. And why is that so? It is so because the right dosages and concentrations of different compounds have been studied to make up medicine.

So if you’re going to get an aspirin, it isn’t going to improve your skin. But it definitely will cure that headache and will do it fast!

So, where really do the drawbacks of pharmaceutical medicine come in?

Herbal Or Medicine

Herbal Or Pharmaceutical?

Quite often, one of the most difficult questions to answer, but I will give it to pharmaceutical medicine on this one. However, not in every scenario. There are hundreds of problems I would rather use herbs for.

For example, Red Vein Bali Kratom is a miraculous cure to insomnia and zero side effects! Now, why would I get sleeping pills and sign myself off to depression and stress?

But the real reason why I give it the pharmaceuticals is because of the specific cure and results. Turn back the clock a few centuries, and people weren’t facing the side effects of over-the-counter drugs. But they were dying from Influenza, Tuberculosis, and even cold! As tragic, that is, it is true indeed.

Today, we are striving to find a cure for something as treacherous as Cancer. And not only striving, but there are also many cases of success around the world. Where does all the credit go?

To sum it up, if the herbal medication were as good as people say it is, pharmaceuticals wouldn’t have taken over in the first place. Yes, there are drawbacks and the ever changing threat of reactions, but that’s what you have the doctors for.

But that is not to say that herbal medicine is useless today. It’ll be a folly. Herbs are even still the best option for daily consumption and health checks. There is nothing better than White Ketapang Kratom to energize you when feeling low.

Drawbacks Of Herbal Medicine

While there are no specific drawbacks to using herbs other than they might prove ineffective in certain cases, you have to sink in the fact that herbs are not going to work the same way every time because of different factors.

At times they will be more potent, concentrated, fresh, dried, or even rotten. The use is quite limited to daily home remedies and rarely an actual cure.

Drawbacks Of Pharmaceutical Medicine

The drawbacks of pharmaceutical medicine are all a result of a lack of knowledge. Although we’ve come an amazingly long way from the days of old, we yet are dependent on test trials.

Even though the medication is quite effective, the lack of initial research can give rise to other curing problems. As when Ritalin and Adderall hit the market for ADHD and started getting abused instead.

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