Naturopathy for Hiatal Hernia

Hiatal hernia is a condition in which the part of esophagus connected to the stomach goes inside the chest cavity through the opening in the diaphragm. This opening or hole in the diaphragm is called as esophageal hiatus. The diaphragm is a type of muscular sheath that separate the lungs or the chest cavity from the abdominal portion.


Hiatal Hernia Naturopathy

Many predisposing factors may be responsible for the occurrence of hiatal hernia, many of the cases are unaware of the fact that small hernias reside inside them. Most of the cases occur in the older ages of 50 years or above. Some of the causes may be enlisted below:

  • Excess fat or obesity
  • In cases of pregnant females
  • Vigorous exercises
  • Excessive weight lifting
  • Heavy smoking
  • Undue stress in life

Small hernias often go unnoticed but larger hernias often present with symptoms like:

  • Acidity or heartburn
  • GERD or gastro esophageal reflux disease
  • Chest pain
  • Pain during swallowing
  • Bloating
  • Feeling of fullness
  • Gastric irritation
  • Belching and hiccups

Types of hiatal hernia:

  1. sliding type
  2. fixed or paraesophageal type


This type of hiatal hernia also known as paraesophageal hernia. As the name suggests this type of hernia is not treatable by itself. It has to be surgically corrected. In this type the part of stomach attached to esophagus enters into the chest cavity through the hole in the diaphragm and goes beside esophagus and do not return back on its own. Sometimes the blood supply do get cut off from that area and hence it becomes a serious medical emergency.


In this type of hiatal hernia the portion of the esophagus connected to stomach slides into the chest through the diaphragm thereby pushing the stomach and diaphragm in and out of the chest cavity. This type is most common and patient does not experience much discomfort and pain. It often goes asymptomatic. The patient does not require much medical consultation. It is most often detected accidentally when whole abdomen scan occurs. This type of hiatal hernia can often be cured by natural remedies at home.

Hiatal hernia treatment by a medical expert commonly focuses on reducing the amount of acid produced in stomach like PPIs.

Healthy dietary habits along with some strengthening exercises at home is a very good Hiatal hernia natural treatment cure but this diet modification alone cannot be sufficient so sometimes some surgical procedures may also be needed in complicated cases.

Here are some few natural treatments for hiatal hernia:

  1. Strengthening exercises : Exercises and yoga play aver important role in this but the amount of exercises should be according to an individual. Movements for regaining the strength of the stomach muscles are usually recommended. Yoga in addition provides relief from stress and healthy mind.
  2. Water Intake: It may sound unusual that sipping water may cure the symptoms of hernia but it’s a very good cure. Consuming Water kept at room temperature in the morning after you wake up from bed may relieve symptoms of hiatal hernia. It also keeps your body hydrated and hence the symptoms of heartburn may be reduced.
  3. Herbal tea: Usually tea is not a recommendation to reduce the symptoms of GERD but still some herbal tea gives an excellent cure. For example, slippery elm a known herb does give a protective and healthy coatings of mucus and another herb known as chamomile has helped a long way in relieving painful inflammation.
  4. Apple cider vinegar: Many of you must be new to this remedy but its very useful in treating such kind of cases. Although its acidic in pH but it leaves an alkalinity in the body. It is very simple to use as you just have to take 1 to 2 teaspoon of vinegar in warm water and consume it 30 minutes before ever meal.
  5. Cinnamon: Cinnamon a very common Indian spice is known to decrease the symptoms of heartburn and acidity. It also relieves the bloating of stomach and abdominal pain. Simply put half a teaspoon of cinnamon powder to boiling water and let it settle down for 5 minutes and then drink it 15 to 30 minutes before every meal. It is also very useful to add it in the daily cooking of the food.
  6. Aloe vera juice: It is not unusual to say that aloevera is a very powerful ingredient as natural treatment for hiatal hernia. It soothes and calms the intestinal lining of the stomach. Take one fourth cup of the aloe vera juice at least 30 minutes before the meal times to cure the symptoms.
  7. Dietary modification: Diet forms a very important part of our lifestyle. It is very essential to control or modify the dietary habits to avoid any health problem. Keeping a close watch and avoiding the trigger foods can help in cure. Some dietary tips to be followed:
    • Avoiding spicy foods, citrus foods , onions , garlic ,sauces, tomato based foods and too much of chocolates.
    • Eating a healthy diet rich in green vegetables, fruits, legumes, nuts, lean meat is acceptable.
    • Do not overload your stomach
    • Have dinner at least 2 to 3 hours before bedtime
    • Try to eat small meals instead of full heavy meal in order to avoid overloading
    • Quit smoking as it is very injurious
    • Weight loss is must as obesity leads to this problem
    • Bowel movements should not strain the abdomen. If needed laxatives are recommended
    • Alcohol intake completely stopped
    • Loose clothing helps you to put pressure on the stomach and hence avoid pain
    • After meal try to walk slowly so as to have proper digestion of food
    • To avoid the symptoms of heartburn or acidity it is recommended to raise the head of the bed atleast five to six inches high

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