Step By Step Preparation Guide For Microsoft 70-461 SQL Server Certification Exam

Are you a network specialist? Do you have a working experience in as an IT Professional? If yes, then you might want to make a better career of your talents. For a better career in the IT sector, the professionals need a lot of certifications. No matter how much knowledge you have, unless you have a certification to prove it, you will not be selected for the jobs and the interviews. One of the certifications that you should have is the certification in Microsoft SQL Server 2012/2014 Technology.

If you are preparing for the Microsoft 70-461 certification exam and you want to know more about this exam, read the article below.

Microsoft 70-461 in a Nutshell


Microsoft 70-461 (Querying Microsoft SQL Server 2012/2014) is the exam given to obtain the SQL Server certification that is for all the people who are trying to make a better career in the Networking sector. This is to test the skill of the candidates in various things. The certificate is given to the candidates after they clear the Microsoft 70-461 certification exam. The exam tests both the practical as well as theoretical knowledge of the candidates so that the skills are properly diagnosed.


The only eligibility criteria that the candidates need to fulfil is the age. Anyone appearing for this exam has to be 18 years or older in age. Additionally, the candidates who already have some experience in this field should give this exam. However, this is not a necessity and anyone can give the Microsoft 70-461 exam.


The students will have to pay a fee of $165 USD to sit for the Microsoft 70-461 exam. The fee can vary from place to place due to the difference in the currency. Some candidates are also exempted from paying the fee or are given a discount if they are associated with Microsoft.

Exam Pattern

The exam pattern of Microsoft 70-461 exam is just like any other Microsoft certification exam. The candidates are given 50-60 questions that have to be solved in 2 hours time. The number of questions can vary with each question paper. The candidates have to score at least 700/1000 to be eligible for the 70-461 exam. All the questions given in the paper are objective type questions and the exam can be taken in six different languages including Chinese, Japanese, English, German, French and Portuguese.


The syllabus of the exam consists of the following topics. The questions are asked from these topics and the subtopics related to them.

  • Create database objects
  • Work with data
  • Modify data
  • Troubleshoot and optimize

The entire syllabus is available on the website and can be downloaded from there.

Microsoft 70-461 SQL Server Certification Exam

Preparation – Step By Step Guide

After knowing all the things about the exam, comes the preparation which is the most important part of any exam. A student needs to follow a set preparation pattern and some strategies to score well in the exam. Here you will find some common strategies that the students use to study for the exam.

1. Collect The Study Material

The first step is the collection of the study material. Study material from Microsoft MCSA 70-461 Exam Dumps is the most important thing that you will need to score well in the exam. So collect the study material from all the sources you can. You can get the printed books from the authorized publishers. You can also get e-books and the links to another kind of study material from the official Microsoft website. Depending on your budget, you can also buy the material for your use.

2. Make A Plan

Once you have collected the study material, take a look at the course that you need to cover and then make a study plan for yourself. Always remember that you cannot crack the Microsoft 70-461 exam if you do not have a proper study plan. In your study plan, include thing such as the time you will give to the studies and the type of study you will be doing. If you have no knowledge of the subject, start preparing as early as possible.

3. Select A Study Procedure

Another thing that you need to do is to select a study procedure. The study procedure can depend on the time that you can devote to the Microsoft 70-461 exam preparation, the finances you can afford and much more. The major kinds of study procedures are self-study, instructor-led classes and online courses. The best type of studying in a self-study where you can decide your own study time and you can decide your own material that you want to study from. In the instructor classes, you will get handheld support from the teachers who will explain to you everything about this subject. You can opt for this if you have no knowledge of the subject. For the people who have some knowledge of the subject but require some guidance, the online courses are the best options to pick from.

4. Solve Practice Papers

The practice papers are very important for your preparation. Make it a point to solve the practice papers regularly. You need to solve at least one practice paper a day before the exam. These practice papers will help you increase your speed and will also help you in making an assessment of how much you need to study and work on your weaknesses.

5. Register for The Exam

Register for the exam only when you are sure about your preparation. If you are not sure about your preparation, take some more time and then go and register for the exam. Try your best to read the tips on how to pass Microsoft 70-461 certification exam in the first attempt.


To conclude, we would like to say that if you want to ace the Microsoft 70-461 exam, you will need to work hard on the course material. There is no 100% surety of passing no matter how much anyone says. Advertisements such as 100% success are scams and you should avoid such dumps and websites. Follow the step by step procedure above and make sure you devote some time to the studies so that you can succeed.

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