5 Tips For Students To Get On Track After Summer Break

Ah, the beauty of a summer break! You get the chance to travel, go out, relax, enjoy your favorite activities and spend time with the people you love. There’s not a worry in sight. Plus, your brain is on a vacation, as well. Still, nothing lasts forever and as you leave the dazzling summer days behind you, a new school year is about to begin.

Getting back on track after a well-spent summer break can be quite a task. After a couple of months full of parties, hanging out on the beach and careless days, you suddenly need to get back to a set schedule and a ton of obligations. You might get a headache just by reading this. How are you supposed to cope with all the swift changes?

Don’t worry, you just need a bit of a hand, and we’re here to give it to you.

Take a look at these 5 tips which can help you get over the summer and get back on track.

Tips For Students To Get On Track After Summer Break

1. Make room for adaptation

School is important and for responsible students, it’s all they ever think about. Still, you need to make sure not to push yourself too hard at the very beginning.

Allow yourself to make a less abrupt transition from doing nothing to doing everything. Take one step at a time and use the first week or two to just get used to the rhythm.

Here’s what you can do:

  • don’t panic, there’s plenty of time for you to get back in shape
  • be active on your classes but don’t start studying immediately after the first day
  • use this period to catch up with friends you haven’t seen all summer

By taking things slow, you save yourself the shock and remove the pressure of your own mind. Just take it easy and try not to stress out too much.

2. Organize your time

Once things start to heat up and you’re a couple of weeks into the new school year, it’s time for some planning.

You need to make sure to keep up with all your assignments, projects and tasks.

Your first step is to:

1. write everything down

Make sure to have everything on paper:

  • your schedule
  • project deadlines
  • exam dates
  • learning materials and resources

“The best way to keep track of all your school obligations is to have a school diary of a sort. Take notes and write it all down. That way you know you’re always on track with your obligations” says Mandy Stone, a psychologist and a writer at Rated By Students.

Once you have it all written down, your next step is to:

2. make a plan

Making a study plan is key, especially at the beginning of the school year. It helps you manage to get everything done and have some free time left.

It implies:

  • setting study hours
  • setting learning goals
  • giving yourself time frames for task completion

Organizing your own time will help you acquire and maintain your work habits. In addition, knowing you have it all under control will remove the stress and help you stay focused.

3. Study-buddy

Another important thing for you to remember is that you don’t have to go through everything on your own. Sometimes it’s easier when we share our struggles with others.

Having said that, it could be a great idea for you to find a study-buddy!


You and your friend can join forces to conquer all that’s in front of you. Together, you can:

  • motivateone another to work
  • help each other out with assignments
  • have study sessions

Once you have someone who’s in the same situation as you are, things will be much easier.

Then you can check each other’s knowledge prior to an exam, check homework together, give feedback to one another about your essays, projects and oral presentations.

If you think you need an extra pair of eyes, you two can take a look at these US essay writing services. They can help you perfect your writing skills.

4. Assistance

It may happen that students struggle with studying at the beginning of the school year. Summer break almost deletes all the study habits and for some of you, it may seem impossible to get back on track.

If that’s your case, you don’t have to worry. You can look for assistance!

  • Tutor: Hey, a tutor is an excellent way of getting back on track. Find one who can help you with the subjects you’re struggling with and you’ll be up and running in no time.
  • Online help: Online, there’s a lot of exercise materials for practicing all your subjects- from Physics to Spanish. Look them up and go walk the extra mile.

If you’re having trouble with paper writing, take a look at these college paper writing service reviews which can help you deal with it.

There’s nothing wrong in someone giving you a hand. The important thing is that you find a way to succeed in all your plans.

5. Have fun

Summer break may be over but it doesn’t mean you’re not allowed to have fun anymore.

In order to keep your head straight and manage to focus on your school tasks, you need a time out every now and then.

That means you need to find ways to relax, have fun and enjoy your free time even though the school year is on.

You can:

  • join a club- drama, debate team, ecology, dance…
  • exercise- jogging, weight lifting, cross-fit…
  • go out with friends- clubs, parties, picnics…

This will help you clear your head and recharge your batteries. That way, you know you’ll be up for all school tasks and ready to stay on track.

Final thoughts

Summer break might be over, but it’s not the end of the world. The new school year doesn’t have to be stressful at all. You just need to embrace it and start planning your new schedule. Don’t push yourself too hard at the beginning, but gradually build your old habits back. Work on establishing a studying routine and maybe even find someone to join you.

You’re all set to kick the new school year off. Don’t forget to have fun and enjoy time with your friends. Focus on getting back on track by using the advice above. Look at the bright side- the next summer break isn’t that far away.

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