This Mother Trying To Sleep With Her Baby. But Her Baby Has Something Else In Mind!

If you ever try taking a nap with your dog, then you must know that it’s almost impossible to have a sleep at all. And, when it’s come to sleeping with a baby by your side, sometimes all bets are off because you never know when you kid wants to play.

Being a parent and raising a child is just as exhausting as it is joyful! But when you want to catch some quite sleep time, doing so with your kid is hard to do when all he or she wants is to have fun, cuddle and stir. Esther anderson, a mother of a cute kid who decided to start filming just as she begins to close her eyes…

Just to make it clear, for all those who think this is dangerous, it’s clear Mom’s the one holding the camera. She just wants to show us what her adorable baby is up to when her baby thinks she’s trying to sleep! Don’t miss the end because all the fun is there.

Credit: Esther anderson

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