Effective Ways to Relax After School Week

The weekends are something that students are always looking for. This is because you get the opportunity to do whatever you want with your time for two days straight – no school noise, banging on the tables, extra lessons.

Weekends are a good time to do those things most of us cannot do during the week due to the time constraint. It’s also a good time to find out effective tips on how to de-stress yourself from all the emotional overload experienced in the course of the week.

Sometimes, however, people get a little stumped looking for how to relax after a long day. This is because school work has the capacity to spill over sometimes – in the form of reading for a failed test or a core exam scheduled for the next Monday. And it’s easy to get worked up studying for a test when everyone around is just taking the weekend off. To add to the whole mix, if your week was stressful, focusing on readable material on Saturday morning would be quite difficult because your body will subconsciously be looking for ways to de-stress and get itself back on track.

It is possible for you to enjoy a relax day even amid over spilled schoolwork – you only need to find out the best way your body lets go of the stress. You may be wondering, “But how do I get to do my essay if I keep searching for ways to relax?” Not to worry – you will discover that doing your essay after de-stressing becomes a very simple task that you finish in no time. De-stressing is a very important part of relaxation as it:

  • Improves focus and your mood
  • Helps you feel refreshed and ready to take on anything
  • Makes your circulation and blood supply to all parts of the body better

When looking for ways to let off some steam, it’s advisable to choose a method that works best for you. In this article, we would look at some popular ways to cool off and get rejuvenated during the weekends.

Ways to let go of Stress

1. Exercise


The most popular, and may we say, one of the most effective ways. This is because when you get moving in all directions, your body releases a set of chemicals called endorphins, which are known to be great mood boosters. Exercise is also perfect for easing you of the tension in your muscles, in times when you feel like you experience worry or anxiety overload from school pressure. Exercise comes in different forms – walking, going to the gym, doing yoga or aerobics. Just make sure you are not static – get those limbs moving!

2. Music


Music has always been known to be a balm to the soul, a source of comfort and one of the easily available things to de-stress your mind. Soothing music does quite a good job on relaxing frayed nerves and providing that peace and calmness after a rough study week. Calm classical music or soothing rhythm are great ways to pacify yourself and refresh your energy reserves.

3. Separate yourself from your gadgets

Separate yourself from your gadgets

Now we know how interesting these things can be! Constantly keeping you in touch with the latest news, events, entertainment and more. We know how instrumental they are in getting your daily dose of the posts of Instagram celebrities. But the truth is, as much as your phone can be your ‘little helper’, it can also be your ‘little stressor’. Taking a break from technology has never killed, the matter of fact, we all need to take a break from our gadgets once in a while. This helps to ‘shut out’ all the noise and have time to reflect on the recent events. It also improves your health in the long run, because getting hooked to gadgets for too long can have a negative impact on anyone. Take time off, switch off from the internet world, go on a hike or just lie on your bed and relax. Trust us, you won’t miss that much when you reconnect back with the world through your phone.

4. Express your inner child

Express your inner child

Hidden within every one of us is our childish nature that sometimes needs to be shown to the world. For some people, the best way to express it is art. For others, it might be dancing, painting, making something with your hands, and many other activities. What separates these activities from the rest in your life is that they are the things you love doing. And it’s easier to let go of stress when you are engaged in doing what you love – you don’t see it as a burden and you end up feeling happier and relieved.

Whenever you need to cool off, always look for what works best for you as a person. Do not follow the crowd, find what fuels you the best.

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