7 Ways Music Therapy Helps In Addiction Recovery

Drug addiction is not a life sentence. You only need to remain true to yourself and never give up to overcome addiction and recover. Fighting addiction is a difficult process which looks almost impossible to achieve, but music therapy can make the road to recovery more comfortable. The power of music is unimaginably huge, and grabbing a guitar or penning down some lyrics can help you stay sober and recover from addiction. Music therapy works in a variety of ways. Here are seen ways music therapy can help you as you recover from addiction.

1. Eliminates Fear

A lot of emotions run in an addict’s mind. Sometimes they feel lonely or bored, and at times, they feel fear runs down their spines. Fear especially prevents a drug addict from recovering fully or even kick-starting the whole process.

They have to get rid of the fear to be able to conquer the addiction. Some good music on their radio, phone, or playing musical instruments can work miracles. Music therapy builds confidence so that you look forward to daily success and no longer fear recovery.

Music Therapy Helps In Addiction Recovery

2. Increases Self-esteem

Low self-esteem is a problem most addicts struggle with especially when they are recovering from the condition. It’s important for those people to feel their worth to enhance their recovery and prevent relapse. Music therapies accomplish this in many ways.

One of them is that the addicts are allowed to create something that they love. Secondly, music brings connection with other people. It makes us realize we aren’t alone. As the patient is undergoing drug addiction treatment, they need to feel loved and cared for.

3. It Releases Mood Enhancing Brain Chemicals

Music makes you feel better, and you know it. No study explains why music has this effect,but it stimulates the mind. So, when you are feeling moody, bored, and the desire to use a drug, music therapy is all you need. Play the piano and stamp with your feet if that makes you feel fantastic.

Addictive substances can cause good moods, but it’s an unhealthy option. Music is the better option and helps you find joy without the need for drugs or alcohol.

4. Helps You Find the Root of the Addiction

As you work with your therapist and listen to the music of your choice, you can begin discussing the reason you started using drugs. Was it because of peer pressure? You thought it was cool? Or were you finding a solution to your problems?

Getting the answer to that question and getting to the root of your addiction is key to recovery. If you don’t go back to history, you might end up going back to addiction. Music will help you open up.

5. Promoting Self-Expressions and Self-Awareness

Both self-expression and awareness are necessary in recovery. Creating music or listening to some helps addicts express the emotions they feel as they get sober.

Expressing oneself can help develop self-awareness and a better understanding of how addiction impacted your life and the walk out.

6. Boosts Social Health

When a recovering addict takes part in a group music therapy, they are able to appreciate the people surrounding them, since everyone has to give and receive.

Most addicts don’t respect themselves and believe they aren’t worthy or are they are useless to society. Everyone in the group helps and encourages the other, and they learn to respect and appreciate one another.

7. Facilitates Relaxation and Stress Reduction

Stress is the worst thing that can happen to a recovering addict. Stress management is the reason why people try to find solace in drugs and alcohol. Music helps to calm their nerves and de-stress.

Singing, writing, and learning to play an instrument can become a hobby and probably a full-time carrier. You just have to turn to it whenever you are stressed.


Music is medicine to the soul. It makes you feel high in your low moments and cheers you up whenever you are bored. While you recover from addiction, let the music be your companion.

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