Why Is the Internet the Best Invention Ever?

The development of modern technology is so fast that it’s almost impossible to keep up. Various inventions make our lives better, safer, and more interesting. But what invention has changed our world the most? The internet. The world wide web has transformed all spheres of life: communication, work, education, commerce, economy, relationships, etc.

So, what benefits does the internet give us in comparison to previous generations?



We don’t need pigeons or postmen to send our letters anymore. We can share not only words but also photos, videos, and voice messages in seconds. Emails and instant texting have become an indispensable part of business and personal communication. Some people believe that online communication invalidates face-to-face interactions, but we all know that it only helps to meet new people, not to lose good friends.


Education has become more affordable and comfortable. We don’t have to enter university to achieve any kind of knowledge. Now, we have online lectures, online libraries, and private lessons via Skype! Besides, we can find thousands of helpful ebooks, videos, and courses online.



Online shopping provides internet users with a wide range of advantages. First of all, you don’t have to go anywhere to do shopping. Secondly, you get access to shops all around the world. Finally, the diversity of the goods defies your imagination: you can buy food, tickets, shoes, furniture, hats, and cheap custom essays online.

Spread of news

In the first half of the 20th century, people in the USA had no idea about what was happening in the rest of the world. Actually, we could get some information from newspapers, but it was certainly not enough to see the whole picture. Today, we get information about important events and changes immediately. And this helps us to understand what’s happening in the world and how we should react.


The internet isn’t only useful – it’s also a source of fun. We have access to the millions of videos, movies, TV series, books, and games that make life much more exciting. Unfortunately, we also face such problems as game addiction, but each coin has a negative side, right? At least we don’t watch public executions for fun anymore.



Need a ride? Searching for a job? Looking for a guide? In these cases, the internet also comes in handy. Social media and online platforms allow us to share our needs with thousands of people. And you can be sure that one of your friends knows one guy who has a couple of buddies who can help you. And that’s how it works.


Foreign countries don’t seem so scary when you can learn everything about them from the internet. You can rent a house, check local restaurants, and even walk the street in another city virtually without even going out. Our world has become smaller and friendlier than ever before.

These arguments are enough to convince anyone that the internet is the best invention ever. Maybe scientists will build a teleportation device or time machine one day, but that would be a completely different story.

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