31 Photos Give Us A Peek Into The Mysterious World of Mushrooms.

We can’t imagine our world without great mysteries. Our world is full with mysterious species, from big white yeti to the magical fairies, but there are some species which are more mysterious than other. One of them are toadstools or commonly known as Mushrooms.

We all love a good mystery. The more unexplainable and terrifying the mystery is, the more we tend to love it. We all find our life a little more interesting when we come up with assumptions and our own theories about what, why, or how something strange happened. Mysteries are the unique part of mushroom’s history that tells us that there are some things that cannot be explained.

Let’s have a look at the mysterious world of mushrooms that you’ve probably never seen.

#1. Rhodotus palmatus

Rhodotus palmatus

#2. Hydnellum peckii

Hydnellum peckii

#3. Morchella esculenta

Morchella esculenta

#4. Puffballs


#5. Favolaschia calocera

Favolaschia calocera

#6. Mycena chlorophos

Mycena chlorophos

#7. Cyathus striatus

Cyathus striatus

#8. Marasmius haematocephalus

Marasmius haematocephalus

#9. Coprinus comatus

Coprinus comatus

#10. Phallus indusiatus

Phallus indusiatus

#11. Aseroe rubra

Aseroe rubra

#12. Schizophyllum commune

Schizophyllum commune

#13. Chorioactis


#14. Amethyst deceiver

Amethyst deceiver

#15. Tiny Golden Mushrooms

Tiny Golden Mushrooms

#16. Panus fasciatus

Panus fasciatus

#17. Geastrum minimum

Geastrum minimum

#18. Clathrus ruber

Clathrus ruber

#19. Porcelain fungus

Porcelain fungus

#20. Mushrooms With A Snail

Mushrooms With A Snail

#21. Clathrus archeri

Clathrus archeri

#22. Cup fungus

Cup fungus

#23. Toothed mushroom

Toothed mushroom

#24. Crepidotus


#25. Cup fungi

Cup fungi

#26. Lepiota


#27. Amanita muscaria

Amanita muscaria

#28. Puffball mushroom

Puffball mushroom

#29. Hairy mycena

Hairy mycena

#30. Leratiomyces


#31. Scutellinia scutellata

Scutellinia scutellata

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