Writing Help: Drawing a Conclusion

There are some books with peculiar titles. You read them, grasp their content, can gather all the author’s points together, but don’t understand how they refer to their titles. And you get a feeling that you left something out. Only after reading a conclusion you are able to understand the entire meaning of the book. Salinger’s Catcher in the Rye is one of the brightest examples of the great cooperation of title and conclusion that results in a meaningful depiction of the main idea.

When all cards are revealed, conclusion writing is the only intrigue left in a book, or in an essay paper. A lot of authors use this technique. While writing an essay, you share your thoughts with the readers. Bit by bit you give out everything you wanted to say, and when it’s time to writing a conclusion, there is nothing left in your head. Then you decide to just go over everything you’ve already said. Moreover, you call this conclusion writing.

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Now let’s think together. You know that the Introduction is the hook of your essay writing. It has to be catchy, and you can spend hours writing an introduction.

Why then you think that writing a conclusion is less important? Last words are the most important ones because they leave the aftertaste. And it’s up to you, whether it will be good, or bad. Conclusion writing stresses the importance of the thesis statement, gives the essay paper a sense of completeness, and leaves a final impression on the audience.

Instead of falling into restatements and repetitions, think of something challenging. Unless you are a heartless and careless writer, you will want the readers to be impressed by your essay paper. Every good essay writer wants to become that special one who opened new horizons for his audience, made it think about the questions he unfolded, and come back to them over and over again. Dan Brown in his famous Da Vinci’s Code not only raised a problem that is scandalous and challenging, but he left the reader with the desire to continue investigations. How? He left the question opened, giving a thin but intriguing thread: in his conclusion he supposed that Maria Magdalena’s body is hidden beneath the Paris Pyramid. After several hundreds of pages, full of fresh facts, such conclusion writing can be very inspiring.

To make this point even more clear, here’s a real biographical example. One popular writer admitted once that in childhood she hated reading. Books terrified her more, than the Inquisition. Her father came up with a brilliant idea. He gave her Agatha Christie’s detective stories. His strategies worked. Natural curiosity and the desire to find out who the murderer was made the girl read the story. Then another one…. Eventually, she fell in love with literature and turned into a skillful author and essay writer.

Conclusion writing opens a world of endless possibilities. A lot of essay writers have used a well-known formula of returning to basis. They start their essay papers with a description of a certain place or situation, unfold it in supporting paragraphs, and then skillfully return to the beginning by writing a conclusion that shows – everything is connected, everything is supposed to return to its basic points, and all their ideas are just a depiction of the universal truth. By the way, they never say openly what the universal truth is, leaving the readers wandering about it.

Most of the readers value the information that they can apply to their own lives. A good advice, a quick peek into the future… anything that can stir imagination or appeal to feelings is valuable.

You’d be surprised to know how many readers are tired of elite culture that touches philosophical issues and leaves the audience wondering, who the bigger idiot is: the audience itself, or the author. Modern art is aimed at writers and artists. They write for themselves – people of the small community. No doubt they are talented, but a regular reader will appreciate your concern about him in essay writing. Choose whose side you are on. Choose your reader, and write for him.

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