Chinese Zodiac Signs Love Compatibility

China is a unique country with a special history, philosophy and even astrology. Its astrology connects the characteristics of the individual with the influence factor of the zodiac animal. The compatibility of the Chinese zodiac signs depends on the animal’s year of birth.

People born in different years have their own character and temperament. Some may become wonderful couples, while others are absolutely incompatible in marriage. All this is determined by the lunar calendar, so the value of our traditional calendar may differ slightly from the Chinese one.

Chinese Zodiac Signs Love Compatibility

Even before starting a relationship with one of the Ukrainian girls or any other girl, you can compare your zodiac signs and look at compatibility. Very often having met a seemingly ideal partner, we look into our horoscope to find out how much further relationships are possible. However, not all couples who are going to marry tend to trust the calendar of medieval China. But when life doesn’t bring bright moments, then, looking at the love calendar, people understand that they are very different personalities.

Chinese horoscope is an opportunity to learn about yourself and others based on what year each was born. There are 12 animals that entered the eastern circle of the horoscope. All animals have acquired the right to manage time and destinies of people once every twelve years. Each of them rules the whole year. It is very interesting to consider the compatibility of characters not only by birthday but also by year. So, you can find out more information about your loved one and possibly correct imperceptibly of his or her behavior.

There are four groups that are considered most compatible in love:

  1. Rat, Dragon, and Monkey. Individuals who were born under these signs are strong and passionate. They can suppress those who don’t have such a strong energy. A relationship between people of these signs can be passionate and intense, but this is exactly what they need.
  2. Oxen, Snake, Rooster. Representatives of these signs, as a rule, are calm. Their relationships are distinguished by stability. In love, they are faithful and reliable. They value people who have similar qualities and share their values.
  3. Tiger, Horse, Dog. Those who were born under these signs are very energetic and free. On the other hand, they have a strong need to find their soulmates. For them, relationships with people from their triad will be harmonious.
  4. Rabbit, Sheep, Pig. People of these signs are the personalities of the giving type. They are supporters of a soft approach and don’t accept rude treatment. Representatives of these signs can easily suffer from those who have a more rigid character, so they have to be especially careful when choosing partners.

Incompatible Chinese signs

Signs located side by side and separated from each other by 2 or 3 positions will be partially compatible. For example, partially compatible people will be happy in love, but in a stressful moment, their relationships may ruin. However, don’t be upset if your partner is incompatible or little compatible with you according to Chinese zodiac signs. This issue is complex. The complete interpretation of its contents is not a simple matter. An accurate compatibility analysis takes into account the influence of the beginnings (yin and yang) and the impact of other elements. The hour of birth of a person also matters. Every hour of the day corresponds to one of the zodiac animals and can affect the overall picture of compatibility. So, when checking your compatibility, many things should be taken into account.

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