Adding Users to Google Analytics – Is it safe?

Yes! Google Analytics is not a new term and more often than not, it appears to be the most used phrase within the blogging fraternity.

Considering that the brains behind Google do understand the means to ensure that search engines work perfectly for both clients and users, it is also clear that a successful marketer does understand how to relate well with Google. As it were, Google has a great number of tools in its arsenal aimed at helping the SEO fraternity with regard to their hard work and the most popular is Google Analytics.

One most important aspect of Google Analytics lies in its capability to bring together various users and authorization of every user to make use of program. According to, this is vital as it allows for full control and easier supervision for those in leadership of each given project.

Incorporating customers into Google Analytics and Adjusting Permissions

Google Analytics Permissions

As mentioned earlier, Google Analytics is a critical tool especially in your SEO crusade. Most of the data offered by the program may be useless, but considering that the tool is free for use, you can easily obtain it and utilize it in your SEO campaigns. The feature that allows you to integrate a user to Google Analytics and uphold different permissions makes the tool quite effective for internet marketers.

Even though, if you are new to the interface, you may find the going with Google Analytics tough. However, this should not intimidate you – you can easily steer your way out once you understand the direction. Well, let’s begin by understanding how we can get at Google Analytics.

Your first step should be sign in to Google Analytics. At this juncture, Google will request for your Google Analytics logging in details which you will be required to enter in to tool’s dashboard. In case your Google Analytics permission has been set to enable accessibility to the administration permissions, then you will be able to include, delete and change various users as well as their GA accounts. Individual users may be granted different permissions to their personal accounts. This is also very important when it comes to customizing your online marketing group.

Remember to maintain the administrative rights of those you intend to gain to their accounts. In this case, you will be able to modify any given features of these users which have access to GA. For you to be on the safe side in future, you must ensure appropriate permissions for each user.

Google Analytic Dashboards

There are no limits when it comes to adding users to your GA account. But, you must know to what level you want to incorporate the user to your account. Google provides for users to be generated on various levels namely; Property, Account or View – with each one of them having diverse purpose. To understand this let’s have a look each of these levels so know which user account level is best for your SEO campaigns.


This is the first step of your business and in the overall Analytical field. A single account should be created to allow for GA access. Thereafter, you may assign what kind of properties you wish to monitor. Every relationship between the properties and account are entirely dependent on you. You may decide to create one account to a single property or to more connections between account and several properties.

Properties or Property (Website or mobile app)

Well, a single account may include several properties. What does this therefore imply? It simply means that you can monitor analytics for your mobile app, sites and your level of sale throughout your GA account. Visit us at, to learn more.

Views (where each property report appears)

These may be explained using a particular info and every user may be modified to have access to a particular reports basing on the data’s specific view. Thus, a single property can have more than just one view. One may illustrate your site’s analytics, another only paid per click traffic to you mobile site while third could display analytics regarding a linking root domain.

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