How to Avoid Causing a Motorcycle Accident

When you’re on a motorcycle, enjoying the free and open road and feeling the air bucket against you- the last thing you want to do is think about what anyone else is doing. Unfortunately, the only way you can safely drive is to stay vigilant and attentive about the other people going around you. Teens texting while driving, a trucker eating dinner on the road, or a mother turning back to look at her baby because it’s suspiciously quiet can all put you at risk.

You can’t make them stop driving dangerously. The onus of ensuring you survive, unfortunately, falls squarely on your shoulders. If you love the open road and going on two wheels: here are the best ways to avoid getting into an accident while you’re on your motorcycle.

Avoid Causing a Motorcycle Accident

Don’t Drive Between Cars

Although many large cities see motorcyclists slipping between cars and traffic through rush hour gridlock: don’t make this mistake. You may think it’s a clear path and nothing to worry about, but if a single car driver decides to change lanes so shift, you could end slamming hard into a vehicle and getting seriously injured.

Pay Attention To Everything Around You

It shouldn’t have to be your job to watch out for the drivers around you, but it may be the only thing that keeps you alive. Watch other drivers, and keep an eye out for anyone who might not have spotted you. Many drivers don’t think about motorcyclists, ignore the possibility that there could be one on the road, and assume that they’re clear to turn because they don’t see a large vehicle. Not everyone uses turn signals, and many won’t notice you until it’s too late.

Passing Should Be Done Carefully

When you’re passing another vehicle, do so with care and precision. Watch out for drivers who don’t see you. Don’t attempt to pass any other drivers if there’s a massive build-up because others will also try to pass. You should also avoid using turning lanes to merge into traffic because many don’t pay as much attention when going in and out of these.

Avoid Driving When Rain Is Just Starting

The worst time to drive is when the rain is just starting. The water settles on the oil on the roads and kicks up dust that could make you hydroplane and skid out. A bad fall like this could skin your hands and legs if you’re not appropriately dressed- and it leaves you open to accidentally getting hit by a passing car. Wait at least half an hour, and then drive.

Don’t Play Music In Your Helmet

Many helmets are cutting edge and try to work like an entire entertainment system you can set on your head. The unfortunate thing is that this helmet dulls or clouds the senses you need to keep yourself from needing a motorcycle accident lawyer in Scranton. Get a low-tech helmet that protects your head and shields your eyes, and that’s it. If you need music, you can get a radio built onto your motorcycle externally that will let you listen to music without it pouring directly into your years.

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