Giving CBD Treats To Your Cat: How To Determine The Right Dosage

Giving Cannabidiol to animals has become a pretty normal and common thing. It seems that everyone has finally recognized the value of this marvelous compound. If our pets could speak, they would probably say that they’re grateful to all those people who have discovered the benefits of CBD and decided that the substance is good for animals as well. Okay, they would more likely say something silly but, hey, you get the point.

There are a few things that you have to do and important information you need to know, including what you can read on this website, before purchasing this product for your feline, though. For starters, you have to make sure that you are choosing the very best product, since there are certainly a lot of those on the market. This means that you will need to find the perfect supplier, so as to be sure that the treats you are getting are of amazing quality.

Treats To Your Cat

In addition to that, you will also need to learn a little something about how to administer these to your felines. Now, since we are talking about treats here, there’s no need to worry about whether your cat will want to eat the products or not, since it will most likely love the taste. That, however, isn’t what I was referring to when I mentioned that you need to learn how to administer the treats.

Instead, I was referring to the fact that you need to determine the right dosage. I suppose that you wouldn’t just randomly give these treats to your cat without knowing how many are actually enough. Sure, you don’t need to be concerned about harming your animal even if you give them too much, since the creature would probably develop certain mild side effects that will quickly pass, but the point is that you can avoid putting your pet through such an unpleasant experience altogether. So, why wouldn’t you?

I have no doubts in my mind that you want to avoid those side effects, no matter how mild and temporary they might be. That is exactly why you need to be careful when dosing these products. Most of all, you need to learn how to dose them properly, so that you don’t end up giving your pet either more or less than it needs by mistake. There are some elements that you need to keep in mind that will help you determine the right dosage and now I’m going to get you familiar with those.

Weight Comes First

If you take a quick look at, you will understand that various products are packed differently and that they have more or less milligrams. Well, think about this for a second and answer one question for me. Does every cat have the same weight? No, it most definitely doesn’t and I suppose that the question might have sounded a bit silly, but it will actually serve a point.

Since not every cat weighs the same, it is only logical that not every single one of them will need the same amount of CBD treats in order to get the benefits. This basically means that the very first factor you should keep in mind when trying to determine the dosage is the actual weight of your feline. The less it weighs, the less treats it will need. This is probably perfectly logical to everyone now that I have mentioned it, but you might have needed a little reminder.

Treats To Your Cat

Cannabidiol Concentration Matters

Do me a favor and take one more look at a specific bag of CBD treats, such as the one I’ve provided you a link to above. Why am I making you do this once again, though? Well, I’m trying to make another point here and I’d much rather prefer it if you figured things out yourself instead of me spelling everything out for you. So, take a look at that bag and check information regarding the concentration of Cannabidiol per treat.

As you might have guessed it by now, different treats contain different amounts of Cannabidiol and that is certainly extremely important when it comes to determining the dosage. A treat that contains more Cannabidiol will, logically, be stronger than the one containing a smaller concentration of this compound. So, keep in mind that the strength of the product depends on the amount of Cannabidiol it contains. And, strength is certainly an important factor to consider when it comes to determining the dosage.

Think What You Are Treating

The above two are not the only factors that you need to keep in mind, though, when you want to be sure that you are dosing the products properly. While those might be the most important things you need to know before giving CBD treats to your cat, there is another significant element to take into consideration. As you undoubtedly already know, Cannabidiol can treat a huge number of medical conditions and related symptoms.

Here’s the thing, though. Different medical conditions and different types of symptoms don’t require the same treatment approach, or aggressiveness. In short, this means that different illnesses will require more CBD treats, while some of them will be able to be cured with smaller amounts of the product. This depends on the severity of the condition and the symptoms and it is something that you should certainly keep in mind.

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