You Won’t Believe It What He Can Do With A Can Of Coke. Just Wait For It!

We all love the holidays because it’s a time for family reunion, mistletoe kisses and sharing love. A little creativity can turn your holiday season into a magical one. It’s not that hard to flip on to your creative side because the holidays have a charming way of bringing out peoples’ creative sides. So, if you’ve got a little creativity in you, then you will love this.

In this tutorial, Dave Hax shows us how to take few old can of coke and turn them into a shining surprise from the classic Coke Christmas commercial. All you need to make this cool Christmas creation? Some empty coke cans, pair of scissors, a few everyday supplies and a lot of patience. But in the end, it’s all worth it!

Credit: DaveHax

Never knew that a can of coke can be so handy. If you think you could pull this off yourself, then SHARE this awesome surprise out of cans of coke with your friends and family!

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