Clean The Microwave With Toxic-Free Resources Or Products

All sorts of people love to user the modern kitchen appliances because its convenience and time-saving features. There are many appliances available in this modern world, but Microwave gains more popularity among people.

The stunning and specially designed device helps people to reheating food items quickly, cooking several yummy dishes, defrosting frozen stuffs & meats in an easier manner. Though, similar to other appliances the microwave oven needs periodic cleaning. The heated food and cooked dishes begins gathering in your oven cavity. This makes your oven look dirty and create the persistent odor. Maintaining the cleaning your microwave oven needed both for health and practical reasons.

Clean Your Essential Kitchen Appliance Without Any Commercial Product

It is really easy to clean exterior and cavity of the Microwave over by using hassle-free cleaners for that we have to know first how to do things. Along with this, you can utilize the commonplace or well known kitchen ingredients in order to ensure the microwave device sparkling shiny and clean for a long term. There are several home based methods available to clean your microwave ovens, so you can use the right one.

#1. Use The Vinegar

Use The Vinegar

There are several ingredients available to clean your kitchen appliances, but the white vinegar brings you better results before doing this you can check for how to do things. The excellent ingredient helps you to clean your microwave oven easily.

  • In order to get the benefits, you should take the thick and microwave proof thick glass bowl and filled it with the water.
  • Now, you can pour 2 spoons of vinegar. You can place the solution within your oven and on it properly.
  • After that, you can activate your microwave mode for 3 minutes.
  • This process produces a huge amount of steam that loosen the unwanted food particles present in the cavity.
  • You open the microwave out and clean the interior with soft cloth or towel.

#2. Use the Lemon

Use the Lemon

  • It is really easy to clean your microwave oven with lemon.
  • You can take a half piece of level and add it with water. You should prefer the microwaveable glass.
  • After that, you can microwave this for few minutes.
  • Now the solution generates stream vapor and fill a cavity.
  • You can wait for few minutes till the unwanted food particles stuck on the walls loosen completely.
  • Then you can open the door and bring out a bowl. You can utilize the soft cloth in order to clean a cavity and properly wipe to dry. You do not forget to clean your oven door.

#3. Use The Baking Soda

Use The Baking Soda

Some of the people do not like to smell of vinegar or lemon, so they are searching for perfect alternative. While speaking about backing soda, it is a perfect alternative, which helps you to clean your microwave oven in an easier manner.

  • You can dissolve 2 spoons of this household ingredient in clean water and place it in your microwave oven.
  • You should set your oven at the highest power settings and wait for 2 minutes.
  • You can open the door and clean the doors and walls with the soft cloth.


These are the simplest and excellent techniques, which makes your microwave oven extremely clean and fresh and you can also know more by seeing how to do things. Therefore, the home based ingredients are the perfect alternative choices for the OTC products, so you can utilize it properly.

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