5 Essentials Every College Student Must Have

No sooner than you have finished celebrating your acceptance in the college of your dreams, you realize it is time to start packing.

Moving to college is a rite of passage, every young adult probably dreads and desires in equal measure. While college living means studying your favourite subjects and no curfew hours on socializing, it also entails being responsible for your own schedule and performance. So before you leave home, see if you have packed these 5 essentials every college must have.

Essentials Every College Student Must Have

Bank account

Inculcating financial sense is a critical life skill for every college student. And the place to start is with your own bank account. It is where your scholarship, education loan money or college fund will come and from where you can meet your expenses which needless to say, will be quite a lot. You will not only be paying massive college tuition fees but boarding and lodging expenses can add up to a substantial figure. Then there is medical insurance without which you could incur exorbitant doctors’ fees and hospital bills in case of an illness or medical emergency. Even if you are staying on campus you will have set aside a travel outlay in your budget. And at the end of the day, everyone deserves to let down their hair a little which will again lead to recreational and socializing expenses.

You can meet most of these expenses through cards given with your bank account. But if this is the first time you are handling finances on your own, go for a simple account with no-frills cards. Above all inculcate good financial sense like working within a budget, saving and always paying of credit card bills in time.


Along with other study supplies, your own laptop is crucial to studying for a college degree. You will be completely innumerable assignments besides accessing study resources like books and journals. Though a tab may help to some degree, for full-fledged coursework, a laptop is must-have. Again the college library or common room may have enough of desktop computer stations but for all those times when you are unable to venture out because of bad weather or need to do research work late at night, having your own laptop is necessary investment. Shop around for a laptop with ample memory, multiple jacks and long battery power. If you are working within a budget, you can gloss over frills like ultra-high resolution displays and touchscreens. After all, the needs of a student have to be met first after which come gaming and recreation.


Though you had your own room at your family home, setting up your space in a college dorm is an entirely different ballgame. For starters you may have to share your room in the beginning with a complete stranger and the common areas like shower and dining with several others. However the most challenging part of settling down is the restriction on storage. You may find the narrow closet quite insufficient for all your stuff which apart from clothes, books and shoes would also include sports equipment, music, leisure reading and perhaps grooming essentials. Therefore buying your own storage is a critical step in planning for college. You can choose from a regular closet to complement your dorm storage to over the door racks which can help you organize your shoes or laundry. Also check out bins and drawers which can hold magazines, books, DVDs, tennis racquets and other knick-knacks and can be easily slid under the bed. Most importantly get into the habit of organizing and sorting things out early. Follow your Mom’s rule of a place for everything and everything in its place and you will find it easier to get more space out of your storage options.

Daily planner

Though it does not figure very high on most college students’ essentials list, a daily planner often reveals its significance some time down the college year when you have assignments breathing down your neck and no time to complete them. So it is a good time to arrive in campus armed with a daily planner. Next, as soon as you get your semester schedule, mark the important dates on your planner in bright bold red so that you remember all crucial commitments ranging from homework deadlines and credit card payment to medical appointments and your BFF’s birthday. A planner will also help you take decisions about holidays – where to go, with whom and for how long. In case you have family flying over to meet you, again a planner can help you keep track of flight dates and timings. Above all, prioritize commitments according to the time you have at your disposal. For example limit your social and recreational engagements around the time when coursework has to be completed or examinations are scheduled for your major and minor papers. To do all this, you can settle for digital planners. These come in many models, sizes and prices – choose one that suits your needs and which will help you plan your time – even on a day-to-day basis.

Essentials Every College Student Must Have

Assignment writing help

Then again not every aspect of the human life can be predicted and planned. You may have been utterly sincere in keeping up with your coursework but a health emergency or a surprise vacation may upset your assignment schedule. In such cases, seeking out an assignment writing service could be a practical decision. Look for a reliable homework writing services on the internet and then choose the bestonlineassignmenthelp that caters to your subject needs and budget. Among the criteria for selecting a reliable service would be the presence of well-qualified and experienced assignment experts who can tackle your college majors as well as your course level. Other points to note would be ratings given by students, on-time delivery record, privacy policy and safety of online ordering process. Whether you want an entire paper to be custom written for your or an overnight delivery of an assignment, online assignment service is an essential that few college students can do without.

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