How to Create an Effective Content Marketing Strategy for Your eCommerce Business

In order for an eCommerce to be profitable, it is important to attract users through advertising or search engine output. Potential customers should be kept on the site. Assortment, cost, and other parameters should meet the needs of customers. And the store itself needs to stand out from the competition.

All the above tasks help to solve the content. It attracts visitors to the site, keeps the audience and pushes to buy. Read what should be the content-filling online store.

What content does the eCommerce need?

Start by creating a content strategy for your eCommerce. Determine which pages and texts are needed for the website. To do this, it is important for you to understand how your resource differs from the usual information site. eCommerce must sell, and the content – to show the advantages and uniqueness of goods, to emphasize the benefits of service.

When forming the content structure of the site, take into account the purpose of the visit. Visitor comes with a specific purpose. He wants to find a particular product, see its characteristics, make a purchase. Accordingly, you must make the path of the client as comfortable and as simple as possible. You need to make clear navigation. A potential client should understand what and where to look.

Effective Content Marketing Strategy

Based on this, we form a list of the main service pages of the online store:

  • Home page;
  • About the company/about us;
  • Delivery and payment;
  • Guarantees;
  • Special offers;
  • Contact details;
  • Frequent questions/ FAQ.

The direct assortment of the shop displays the section “Catalogue of goods”. It is important to determine how you present your products here. If there are many different products, divide the catalog into several sections.

For additional information and search engine promotion, add the “Blog” section to your online store’s website.

After the detailed structure of the online store becomes clear, for which pages you need texts. You can start filling the online store with content.

What to write on the main service pages of the online store?

The task of service sections is to establish initial contact with the customer and provide detailed information. It is necessary to tell the client about the seller, to explain the process of making a purchase, to answer all arising questions, to give guarantees of a successful deal. The client needs to understand that he can easily make a purchase. We understand what to write on each page.

The main thing is that the client has to understand what to write on each page.

Main Page

The home page is the face of the site, its “front door”. You do not need to immediately dump on the visitor a detailed history of the company since its foundation. The client needs to know whether he can get the right product.

On the main briefly describe what the shop offers. Tell us about the types of goods, their advantages, and features. Specify the most basic information about the terms of delivery and payment. Write about guarantees, promotions, and discounts. Be sure to note why it is profitable for the client to buy from you.

The text on the home page of the eCommerce is a brief retelling of the entire site. You do not need to write a huge article, because no one will read it. Try to fit into 1 500-3 000 characters. And don’t forget about formatting: divide the text into blocks, add headings.

The structure of the blocks for the main one may look like this:

  • The name;
  • Description of goods offered on the site;
  • Prices and/or order of their formation;
  • Advantages and benefits for the client;
  • Guarantees provided by the shop;
  • Information about special offers;
  • Terms of purchase, delivery, and payment.

For each block, come up with a catchy and clear title. Ideally, the overall content of the page should be clear by headings.

Complete the welcome message for the online store with a call to action. For example – “Go to the catalog of goods”, “Get online consultation”, etc.

About the company

Here you can tell us about the store, its mission, employees and approach to customers.

The structure of the “About a company” section can contain the following blocks:

  • Brief description of the company – name, year of foundation, the sphere of activity;
  • Mission and development strategy;
  • Advantages of cooperation for clients;
  • Features of the work (if any);
  • Team and responsible persons.

Do not use ready-made text templates for the online store, suitable for any company. If you want to demonstrate your success, add real cases and reviews.

Delivery and payment

On this page, we write only what is directly related to the title.

In particular:

  • Methods of payment;
  • Fees for payment;
  • Delivery options;
  • Delivery costs;
  • How and where to get the product.

There is no need to insert big about transporter’s tariffs or payment system conditions. If you think that this information is important – just specify the link to the official resource. Buy the best idea is to use a shipping suite. When writing about the delivery methods for the online store, list the options with the dates and place of receipt. From your text, the customer should understand how to pay for the order and how to receive the goods. That’s it. Nothing more.


If you are not ready to provide guarantees, do not create a partition at all. If you take responsibility for the quality of service, only write honest information.

A sample list of items is as follows:

  • What guarantees you provide (exchange, refund, damages, etc.);
  • Than guarantees are confirmed (factory guarantee, company obligation);
  • the length of the warranty period (how long the offer is valid).

In this section of the site, you can add screenshots of documents confirming the seriousness of your activities: licenses, product certificates, etc.

Special offers

Tell us about existing discounts, promotions, bonus programs.

It is advisable to divide all proposals into separate blocks and prescribe them for each of them:

  • A brief summary;
  • Conditions of participation;
  • Validity period;
  • Important features.

Be sure to keep the data up to date. If a promotion has expired, remove the information about it or add the “Completed” mark.

Contact us

Specify any contacts that clients may need:

  • Office address;
  • Address of the offline shop (if any);
  • Phones;
  • E-mail address;
  • Pages on social networks;
  • Messenger data.

It is advisable to write the contact details of the persons in charge who can be contacted in case of problems. Be sure to specify the position of the person in charge so that the customer represents his or her area of expertise.

Also, add a feedback form so that clients can write about their problem right away. You can supplement your contacts with a travel plan to the office. No other content should be posted.


The section of frequent questions is not necessary, but highly desirable. First of all, because it eliminates the need to answer the same customer questions. And there will be such questions.

To begin with, post answers to standard questions that are of concern to customers:

  • How long does the delivery take?
  • Is there any service?
  • Can I exchange goods?

During the initial formation of the FAQ, be guided by the peculiarities of your product and take into account what may worry customers. You can then supplement the section by adding the most frequent questions and answers.

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