Your Air Conditioner and You: Everything You Need to Know Before You Buy

Air conditioning is something many of us take for granted, but when you don’t have it, you’ll know about it fast! In climates that have hot summers, they are necessary to keep our homes at a reasonable temperature.

To make that happen, you need to make sure your air conditioning unit is properly maintained. If you’ve ever tried to sleep in a room that’s too hot and has no air conditioning, you know that it can be enough to ruin your whole night’s sleep; never mind the next day when it’s even hotter.

To keep your air conditioning unit running correctly and maintain a cool and comfortable temperature, it’s useful to know the basics of how AC works and how to keep your unit running consistently for as long as possible. At some point, you’ll most likely need to find a professional to service or fix your AC, but by knowing some of the basics, you’ll be able to minimize how often this is. This will save you money, as well as the stress of having to live in a house that’s too hot.

Your Air Conditioner and You

The State of Air Conditioning in the 21st Century

It might be strange to think that only 30 years ago, only around 68% of houses in America had air conditioning units installed. This has now increased to almost 90% in 2019. If you go back 60 years, the number of houses with air conditioning was significantly less.

The invention of AC and the progression of technology has changed how and where people can work comfortably. In countries like Dubai, temperatures get so hot that it’s almost unbearable to be in if you aren’t used to them.

Modern air conditioning has allowed Dubai to transform itself into one of the most technically and architecturally impressive in the world. While it was once simply desert and not much else, you can now see some of the largest buildings and malls in existence. This has all become possible due to modern air conditioning technology.

Even in modern homes, air conditioning units have progressed significantly. While once, they were loud and large, they are now hardly even noticeable. With this improvement in form has also come an improvement in function. AC units can far more effectively and efficiently cool a room or house when compared to even 15 years ago. A modern air conditioning unit can keep a home cool and comfortable to live in on even the hottest days of the year relatively easily.

Who Needs to Install an Air Conditioning Unit

If you’re looking at upgrading your air conditioning, or perhaps you don’t have any at all, then it’s recommended that you get help from a professional. A good place to start is with a Google search for ‘air conditioning installation’ and to find three to five professionals in your area. Look for people or companies with the best reviews and contact them for a quote.

Local directories are also a good place to look to find a range of people to get a quote from. If you live in the US, it’s recommended that you find someone who’s affiliated with the Air Conditioning Contractors of America, or a similar affiliation outside of the US.

You can also do your own research, so you have a good idea of the unit you’d like to have installed. You can search on websites to find a unit that you think is a good fit four your home, and then find a professional that specializes or has a contract with this company.

The Cost

There will be a significant amount of difference in the cost based on the size of your house or office space, the climate that you live in, and the size of the unit. If you have a two-bedroom apartment, this will be significantly cheaper than if you’re trying to cool down a four-bedroom house.

There’s also the complexity of the installation to take into account, which may differ depending on the size of the house you live in. It’s recommended that you get at least a handful of quotes before you do anything to get a good idea of the ranges of costs.

If there’s a quote that’s significantly higher or lower than the average, then make sure to question this. It may be due to superior or inferior equipment, or there might be something else that you need to question your contractors on.

How Long Does an Air Conditioning Unit Last?

The average warranty on an AC installation is ten years, which should mean that most AC units will last at least this long without any significant work being done. If you maintain your system correctly, you could get about 15 years from your AC before you need to think about replacing it. According to American Home Shield, propper AC installation is a common issue they see time and time again.

When Is It Needed to Replace an Air Conditioner?

If you have an AC unit for more than 15 years, then it’s probably time to start thinking about replacing it. The efficiency of the system will be significantly reduced, and the amount you’ll need to spend on labor and parts to keep it running will most likely start to be more than simply replacing it.

In a similar vein, if a core part of the system like the ac compressor gasket breaks, then it might be time to consider getting a new one. If you replace one part of the system and not the rest, you’ll likely end up decreasing the performance of the system and will need to spend more money replacing other parts in the near future.

The Time to Replace

If a system is about 15 years old and when an expensive component, like an evaporator coil or a compressor, fails, it’s probably time for new equipment indoors and out. Replacing one, but not the other, will likely hobble system performance.

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