These Are The Most Unconventional Wedding Photos You’ve Ever Seen! Wow!

They say that eyes are the windows to the soul, and when it comes time to celebrate a wedding, everyone’s eyes is filled with the sparkle of gorgeousness and celebration.

Self-taught photographer Peter Adams-Shawn captures that idea brilliantly with his style of wedding photography: His specialty is photographing weddings through the eye reflections of the people who were there to witness it.

Peter’s creative style has made him wildly popular in the Australian wedding circuit. He first thought of the idea in 2011, when he captured the reflection in a flower girl’s eye, a clear picture of the bride getting her hair done.

“I did my first eyescape back in 2011. It was then not until 2014 that I got to do the second one. Something clicked as to how I could take them. Now I do them pretty much every wedding,” Adams-Shawn said in an interview.

Most Unconventional Wedding Photos

The eyescapes are all done with the camera — It means that Adams-Shawn didn’t alter these images in Photoshop.

Most Unconventional Wedding Photos

“About 10-15 percent of professional photographers in forums and groups have questioned the authenticity of my reflections. Every time I have the raw file to back my shot up. Many still struggle with understanding how it is done,” Adams-Shawn explained.

Most Unconventional Wedding Photos

According to Adams-Shawn, it’s not as tough as you’d think: Eyes naturally reflect light and precise imagery, so it’s only a matter of standing quite close to the subject to get the shot.

Most Unconventional Wedding Photos

It’s amazing how detailed these eye reflections are, isn’t it?

Most Unconventional Wedding Photos

It’s cool. Isn’t it?

Most Unconventional Wedding Photos

Here, a father watches his daughter get married.

Most Unconventional Wedding Photos

In this one, a groom is seeing his bride for the first time.

Most Unconventional Wedding Photos

Here, a little boy is watching his mom get married.

Most Unconventional Wedding Photos

And here, a groom gazes upon his new bride as she looks out over the ocean.

Most Unconventional Wedding Photos

Check out more eyescapes by Peter Adams-Shawn in this video below:

Credit: Memories of Tomorrow

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