How To Dress For A Wedding

Almost every man attends a wedding at some point or another in his life, yet those who have never experienced their first wedding are often confused when it comes to how they should dress. Most people understand that weddings are usually quite formal affairs, yet this doesn’t always explain what’s expected of you, and changing social norms can lead you to make a fool of yourself if you’re not careful.

Here’s how men can dress for a wedding, and the common fashion mistakes you want to avoid unless you intend to make a goof of yourself on the dance floor.

How To Dress For A Wedding

Stick with a suit

In almost every circumstance, the most appropriate form of dress for a man attending a wedding is going to be a suit and tie. Some men mistakenly believe that weddings are so formal that all male attendees are expected to wear tuxedos – while some ornate events can include such rules, the vast majority of everyday weddings usually feature the groom and his groomsmen in tuxedos, with those in attendance merely wearing suits and ties. You don’t want to look so snazzy that you upstage the groom, so much in the same way that women avoid wearing white to weddings, men should avoid tuxedos unless it’s specifically requested.

Those who are really worried about suffering from a fashion gaffe should do their homework before they RSVP for the forthcoming wedding. This means that you need to set some time aside to read up on the things you definitely don’t want to wear to a wedding, as formalwear mistakes can ruin the evening and haunt you socially for years to come.

Try to keep your dress socks appropriate, unless you have a special relationship with the bride and groom and are totally confident in your ability to rock an event-specific pair of dress socks. In other words, you may think your nylon pink socks or “hilarious” Halloween socks would be a comical hit at the wedding, but you may end up making a fool of yourself and angering the happy couple. Thus, it’s highly advised that you stick to either classic black dress socks or simply match the color of your dress socks with the color of the suit pants that you’re wearing.

Those who are really struggling should listen to wedding planners, who have plenty of experience when it comes to properly dressing themselves for the grand occasion. The secret tips given by wedding planners include location-specific outfits, which can help you withstand the harsh climate if the wedding is taking place in a hot or unpleasant area. Knowing the differences between white and black ties can also be useful, both for your wedding attendance and later on in life in general.

Avoid clip-ons

One of the most important things to know for a man attending a wedding is to avoid clip-ons. This means that your clip-on tie or bowtie simply should stay home during the happy ceremony. Many young men are terrified because of this, largely because they don’t know how to properly tie a tie or simply worry that they’ll mess it up before the big ceremony. Plenty of people around the average wedding will know how to properly fix your tie or bowtie if you mess up, however, and it’s an honest mistake that every young man makes now and then.

As a matter of fact, older gentlemen helping young men out with their ties is a tradition as old as formalwear itself, so don’t be afraid to ask for advice or help if you need it. Another time-honored tradition is getting excellent gifts for groomsmen, who play an important role in your ceremony. View classy gifts for groomsmen here if you’re struggling in that front, and know that some stellar clothing is always a great gift. Keep these tips in mind, and your next wedding appearance will be defined by your stellar outfit.

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