15 Questions You Need To Ask Yourself To Discover Your Life Purpose.

Sometimes in this life, without realizing at all, we lose track of something or even so many thing that is very important for our life.

This list of questions will assist you in discovering your life purpose to make your life better. To get started, follow these simple instructions.

  • Find a place where there is no interruption and turn your cell phone.
  • Take out a few sheets of loose paper and a pen or just use your laptop.
  • Write first thing that comes to mind after reading respective question.
  • Write your answers without editing and quickly.
  • Be honest. No one will read it.

Enjoy the moment and smile as you write.

#1. What makes you smile?

(Activities, people, events, hobbies, projects, etc.)

What makes you smile?
Image credits: Jason Hales

#2. What are your favorite things to do in the past? Are you still doing that now?

#3. What activities make you lose track of time?

#4. What makes you feel great about yourself?

What makes you feel great about yourself?
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#5. Who inspires you most? Which qualities inspire you, in each person?

(Anyone you know or do not know. Family, friends, authors, artists, leaders, etc.)

#6. What are you naturally good at?

(Skills, abilities, gifts etc.)

#7. What would you regret not fully doing, being or having in your life?

What would you regret not fully doing, being or having in your life?
Image credits: Mike Kaser

#8. What do people typically ask you for help in?

#9. If you had to teach something, what would you teach?

#10. Read paragraph below and list out everything that matter to you most.

You are now 90 years old, sitting on a rocking chair outside your porch; you can feel the spring breeze gently brushing against your face. You are blissful and happy, and are pleased with the wonderful life you’ve been blessed with. Looking back at your life and all that you’ve achieved and acquired, all the relationships you’ve developed.

List out everything that matter to you most.
Image credits: Unknown

#11. What are your deepest values? Prioritize the words in order of importance to you.

Select 3 to 6 – Achievement, Adventure, Beauty, Being the best, Challenge, Comfort, Courage, Creativity, Curiosity, Education, Health, Honesty, Independence, Inner peace, Performance, Personal growth, Play, Productivity, Relationship.

#12. What were some challenges, difficulties and hardships you’ve overcome or are in the process of overcoming? How did you do it?

#13. What causes do you strongly believe in? Connect with?

#14. If you could get a message across to a large group of people. Who would those people be? What would your message be?

#15. Given your talents, passions and values. How could you use these resources to serve, to help, to contribute?

(To people, beings, causes, organization, environment, planet, etc.)

How could you use your resources to serve, to help, to contribute?
Image credits: shutterstock

What is your purpose? What is your mission? We’d love to hear about your goals and aspirations. Please share by writing a comment!

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