The Benefits of a Home Warranty

Home warranties offer peace of mind to homeowners for just a few hundred dollars each year. By covering essential appliances and systems, homeowners can avoid having to use emergency funds in the event of breakdown.

However, home warranties come with restrictions and exclusions that should be carefully considered before buying one. There are a few reasons why purchasing one could be worthwhile:

Peace of Mind

Home warranties provide homeowners with peace of mind knowing they will receive help if their appliances and systems break down, such as having an expert visit the house for repairs, as you can see here Most providers send local service contractors out as soon as repairs need to be done in an efficient manner.

Benefits of a Home Warranty

Warranty policies can also be beneficial to new buyers, particularly if the seller has existing appliances and systems that are out of warranty or are missing their original warranties. It’s essential to read carefully through any plans before committing to one and ensure it fits your individual needs.

Be wary of home warranty companies that appear in search results with glowing customer testimonials. For instance, one company may appear as the best home warranty provider on several websites with generic domain names; however, when reviewed through Better Business Bureau (BBB), many complaints have been lodged against it. When choosing your provider make sure it offers clearly defined rates and packages to meet your individual needs.

Reduced Stress

Home warranties provide an invaluable financial backup plan for those without much savings, who are unfamiliar with their new neighborhood, or prefer having someone else take care of repairing or replacing broken items. With so many providers, plans, and payment options to choose from, consumers need to do some homework prior to shopping in order to find one that fits their unique needs.

First-time homeowners, those relocating from another state and landlords all can reap the benefits of an affordable one-stop protection solution for their most costly appliances and systems. Home warranties have become an increasingly popular incentive among real estate agents when offering homes to buyers as an incentive for closing on property sales – offering peace of mind and budget protection services can make a sale go much smoother, while listing agents that include home warranties with their listings often experience less post-closing disputes when their clients face unexpected appliance or system failure.

Added Value

Home warranties provide an affordable way to cover appliances and systems that tend to breakdown over time, saving thousands in repair or replacement expenses over the long haul.

Home warranties typically cost homeowners an annual premium between $200 to $300 depending on their provider and coverage needs. A service call fee usually falls below $100 while the deductible typically represents only a portion of total repair costs.

However, homeowners should do their research before purchasing a home warranty company. Research should include online reviews and complaints as well as its Better Business Bureau rating. Homeowners should also be wary of online search results that appear to rank one particular warranty company higher than another; this may indicate they’re paying to secure top rankings to promote their product. Also ensure any contracts contain clear terms, conditions, and exclusions clauses.


Home warranties often save homeowners money over the long term. Although premiums for such coverage aren’t cheap, they may still cost less than unexpected repair expenses.

Home warranties provide buyers who are buying an older home with peace of mind. A home inspector might not have checked that all ductwork is functioning as intended or they might want extra coverage for appliances or systems not included as standard in their standard package. Home warranties offer that extra bit of peace of mind.

Because home warranty policies vary considerably in coverage and service charges, prospective buyers should review them closely prior to making any commitment. It may also be worth asking whether the seller has covered the first year so that new homeowners can begin coverage immediately – an incentive which could help speed up sale in tight markets as well as giving buyers a chance to evaluate how well the home’s systems and appliances perform during its first year of ownership.

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