How to Get Discovered and Jumpstart Your Career as a Singer

Many of you aspire to be a professional singer, but only a few know where to start building their careers.

The music industry is not only competitive but also challenging at the same time. You have to think outside the box and be willing to do the extra work to build a career as a singer.

That said, there are ways to jumpstart your career. A lot of younger artists we have today started their careers on the right foot and got discovered early. We are going to talk about how you can do the same in this article.

The Online Revolution

The best thing about pursuing a career in music today is the internet; the fact that you have the internet on your side, to be exact. There are a lot of platforms that allow you to reach an audience directly. You just have to invest time and energy to build an online reputation and grow your audience base.

YouTube is the perfect place to start. Produce a video and start attracting viewers in no time. You also have Soundcloud,, and of course the general social networks such as Instagram and Twitter. All these platforms can be used for gaining an audience and interacting with them.

The latter is actually very important. All successful artists that started their careers online have one thing in common: they connected with the audience. The more you spend time engaging the audience, the more loyal and supportive your viewers will be in the long run.

Besides, having a strong online presence will also get you noticed by industry experts and leaders. The rest will be easy from there.

Sign Up for Programs

Sure, programs such as X-Factor and other TV talent shows are interesting, but they are not the only programs that can help you earn a chance to develop your own music career. Premiere Program, for example, connects you to Disney, NBC, CBS, Nickelodeon, and many other networks. The program also specializes in finding younger talents for kids’ TV programs.

Specific programs are better because they allow you to access more opportunities in a field you are passionate about. If you love RnB, you can enter a similar program for RnB artists and explore opportunities in this genre. You will reach your goal faster this way.

Be Persistent

The main reason why so many artists fail to build a career in the music industry is lack of determination. Believe me when I say that you will get a lot of rejections – and I do mean a lot of them – before you find the perfect opportunity to grab.

Fortunately, you now have more platforms to access. You no longer have to pursue a contract from a big record label to make it in the industry. You can now achieve the same result and pursue your passion for music online and through other media.

So, don’t give up, give it your best, explore every avenue, and jumpstart your career as a singer. Don’t forget to post your indie music videos here on KickVick to get them trending!

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