Legendary Films Everyone Should See At Least Once

While most films can only be enjoyed once, there are a certain select few that can be watched multiple times yet they still manage to bring an enormous amount of entertainment. There’s simply no knowing why some films are keepers and others are no more than merely once-off boredom killers. However, if you’re a fan of movies that can be watched over and over, the following lists of legendary films should be apart of your collection.

Harry Potter

Harry Potter

Harry Potter quickly became a worldwide sensation shortly after appearing on our screen so many years ago. The incredibly enchanting storyline managed to captivate an international audience of extremely diverse fans and while the first Harry Potter film was more than enough to great an enormous fan following for creator J.K Rowling, each follow-up film fuelled its popularity. These films have truly never died out, which is why the Harry Potter fan base has been enjoying countless items of memorabilia from ornamental wands to wizardry costumes, figurines, and even board games. If you’re a die-hard Harry Potter fan, be sure to check out the Harry Potter quizzes to brush up on your film knowledge of the captivating story behind the “boy who didn’t die.”

Lord Of The Rings

Most Harry Potter fans are also followers of the adventurous tales in Lord of The Rings. While these films are incredibly long, the level of thrill and anticipation is only compounded by this fact. From hobbits and faeries to creepy characters and, of course, wizards, the captivating film has become an undeniable legacy that film fans will simply never get enough of. These films prove to be ones that can be watched over and you may find that each time you rewatch a Lord of the Rings film, you will be able to enjoy noticing new details that you never noted before.

Pulp Fiction

Pulp Fiction

There may only be one Pulp Fiction film out there, although, there truly is no topping the sheer brilliance that Quentin Tarantino brought us in this exceptionally controversial film. The merging of varying storylines and the crime-filled drama backing makes for a film that will entertain us for generations to come. The award-winning film is definitely not recent, yet countless fans around the world would all agree that the film portrayed a dark, yet humourous detailing on the lifestyles of an actress, hitmen, and gangsters without offending audiences in a most incredible way.

Breakfast At Tiffany’s

If you haven’t yet seen the film, there’s no doubt you have heard about it. Audrey Hepburn’s most successful film and probably one that will keep her talent alive for decades to come, it Breakfast At Tiffany’s. The film follows the life of a New York socialite as she searches for love whilst enjoying her very healthy bank account. As her luck would have it, she eventually finds love, although with a man who is significantly less wealthy. Some fans are certain that the short-lived and vaguely popular teen series Gossip Girl was based on the idea of Breakfast At Tiffany’s.

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